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Mature couple



Perfect location, calm and safe, with walking distance to Forum Romanum as well as Trastevere. Modern, clean, comfortable flat. Very good value for money.

Young couple



We had a very nice time, regards Ruth & Petro

Mature couple



The place and distrikt was ok.

Travelling alone



Nice aptmt.




Location is very good,near the Basilic Sante Maria Maggiore.




In vacanza per il weekend dell'Immacolata ci siamo trovati molto bene. Proprietari gentili e disponibili. Location ottima tra il Vaticano e Piazza del Popolo e vicino alla Metro A. Appartamento molto comodo e confortevole.
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Area: - Monte Mario


5x - 1 Bedrooms - 60 m²



From / per night



Area: - Flaminio


5x - 2 Bedrooms - 80 m²



From / per night



Area: - Appio Latino


6x - 2 Bedrooms - 60 m²



From / per night



Area: - Piazza Navona


2x - 1 Bedrooms - 25 m²



From / per night



Area: - Piazza Navona


10x - 2 Bedrooms - 96 m²



From / per night


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Rome Apartments

Rome can be summarised with one word: art. The Italian capital is a city with a truly amazing artistic and historical legacy; a legacy that encompasses over 2000 years of history and that can be seen on its streets, squares and monuments. A visit to Rome is a must for all travellers and that’s why staying in apartments in Rome is the perfect way to be able to enjoy the city at your own pace, since there is so much to see.

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What not to miss in Rome

When it comes to places to visit, the city can be divided in the Roman places and the Renaissance and Baroque ones. The most notorious Roman monument is the Colosseum, an ancient amphitheatre that has become the city’s most symbolic monument and that can be visited inside. Next to it are the Roman Forum and the Circus Maximus, as well as many ancient gates and columns. You also cannot miss out on the Pantheon, one of the oldest buildings in the city.

The city also stands out for its sculptures, especially those by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, which can be seen at Piazza Navona, although the most striking one is the Fontana di Trevi, a stunning work of Baroque art in the middle of the city that will make your jaw drop. In Rome you can also find The Vatican and the Basilica of St Peter, which contains the famous Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo as well as the Vatican Museums. The view from St Peter’s Square is also a Roman symbol and a joy to behold, and that’s where the Pope also comes out on the balcony to do mass once a week.

The hidden neighbourhoods of Rome

Outside the tourist areas are the neighbourhoods of Trastevere, south of the river, and Monti, north of it. These are more traditional neighbourhoods with more tradition, more authentic and much cheaper, ideal to relax and sample traditional Italian cuisine on one of their many terraces, also to find cheap apartments in Rome. They are also perfect to enjoy the Roman nightlife if you want to mix with all the locals.

The best time to visit Rome

Rome has its hot months between June and August, as well as that being the time it receives its biggest amount of tourists. That’s why if you want to enjoy Rome in a more quiet and pleasant way, you can also do it in autumn, since the heat and the crowds diminish and the queues aren’t as long.

Transport in and around Rome

To get to the Italian capital, you can fly to any of its two major airports: Ciampino or Fiumicino, to which all major airlines fly to. Although Rome is best visited by foot, its metro is also highly efficient if your feet hurt from so much walking. Rome’s taxis and buses are more complicated to grasp and more expensive considering the simplicity of the metro.

Popular festivals in Rome

The 1st of May is National Italian Dat, with events and concerts throughout the city. All year long there are many religious and gastronomic events, such as the strawberry picking in Campo de’ Fiori in June or the Madonna della Neve in August, a festival of great legend and beauty to enjoy during your holidays in Rome.

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