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Calzedonia in Barcelona

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Calzedonia in Barcelona

The Calzedonia stores are spread around the world and even in Barcelona there are many around the city.


Due to its size and location, today we bring the one located on Rambla Catalunya 58. Because this impressive boulevard (filled with shops, mimes, street artists, performers and other artists) has to be seen at least once, you might as well drop by in Calzedonia while you´re there.


Here you´ll find tights, panties, socks, leotards and similar garments in winter and in summer you can´t miss out on its beach clothes collection for the whole family.


Tiny bikinis for her are combined with beach blouses and dressed that are adequate for many situations. For men, the clothes here have an undeniable Italian look.


However, if you have children, you can´t miss out on the clothes for them with a fascinating mixture of past and present.


If, also, you´re travelling and you want to go to the beach, and you have rent one of the apartments in Barcelona all the things that you will need are in Calzedonia. It would be a shame that the whole family couldn´t go to the beach because the beach clothes hadn´t been pakced.


The prices are for all wallets and they are excellent value for money. All fashion lovers who go to Calzedonia know that.

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