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Corvin Center

If you like modern places to walk in and choose different trendy brands and you´re following the latest trends in the world of shopping, you´ll enjoy Corvin Center, which is one of the most relevant shopping centres in Budapest. Why is the most modern? Because it´s the last one to open (October 27th 2010) its doors in the Hungarian capital.


Corvin is located in the eighth district of Budapest which is in the centre of the city, which means that getting there will be very easy, either by public transport or by car (it has a large free car park).


The shopping centre has the most famous current brands in the world of fashion. Among the most famous ones are H&M, Mango, C&A, Hervis, Alexandra and Woodo. It also had food places and a supermarket but one of the reasons why people choose it is because it has the Corvin Cinema which presents every week the laters film premieres.




If you´d like to go to one of the newest shopping centres in the city you can rent apartments in Budapest and enjoy its food, fashion or the best films.

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