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Great Suffolk Street Warehouse

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Great Suffolk Street Warehouse

In the last few years, warehouse partying has become very popular.


These are parties that take place in old warehouses or factories, large spaces where the acoustic is perfect for electronic music and where the sound is amazing.


In London, these types of parties and clubs are very popular, but none has the status of Great Suffolk St Warehouse.


This old warehouse south of the river is today the centre of many rave parties in London, where techno, dubstep and trance are the stars and where thousands of people come to spend the night dancing away until the sun comes up.


Some of the best electronic music labels come and stage their parties here, since it gives the party a very special touch.


Labels such as Cocoon or Drumcode are regulars here and it´s worth checking out the programme if you´re in London, because the party here can´t be found in many other places in Europe.


If you don´t want to get your sneakers dirty then this isn´t for you but if you like to party in spectacular atmospheres with a sound and light system that´s out of this world, then compare and look for prices of an apartment for rent in London and spend a night of fun at Great Suffolk St Warehouse.

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