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Nomo Restaurant in Barcelona offers the delights of Japanese cuisine in a typical atmosphere and decoration from this country: minimalist and cozy at the same time.


Located in Gràcia, they open Mon-Sun from 1.30pm until 4pm and from 8pm until midnight, closing a bit later on weekends.


However, if this timetable doesn´t suit you, you can enjoy Nomo´s delights in your apartment in Barcelona since they have a catering and home delivery service.


The best about this last service is that you can order your food online and you only have to wait for 30 minutes, since they will serve it ready made and on the go.


Of course, don´t miss out on their sushi and sashimi, but don´t miss out on their other recipes either.


At Nomo, they also offer temaki, made with algae rolled in a cone (like an ice cream) filled with rice and fish.


Also, they have the classic prawn, chicken or vegetable tempura and the combinations of these ingredients. The gunkans are reserved for the most sybarite clients, using roe, algae and seafood.

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