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The New Zealander folk-rock singer Brooke Fraser will perform a concert on the 16th of April at Bikini concert hall in Barcelona. This new tour is aimed to promote her new album Flags, which that has been a total success by obtaining five awards at the Vodafone Music Award 2011 in New Zealand. Along with Flags, Fraser also promote some social actions to help Africa.

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Brooke Gabrielle Fraser, Brooke Fraser´s real name, was born in a traditional New Zealand family in Wellington in 1983. When she was 7, she started to take some piano lessons. At age 12, she became interested in writing lyrics and took the guitar to accompany them, learning to get the tones that her lyrics required. While she never took singing lessons, she learned to train her voice and make the most of it, which led her to sing at the Parachute Festival 2000.

Before becoming a professional musician, she became interested in media and wrote articles for the Soul Purpose magazine since she was 15. She was then editor and hosted a cable television program, before moving to Auckland to start his musical career.

Just after her arrival in Auckland, she met the elemento P drummer, Scotty Pearson, who helped her get an interview with producer Matty J. This was an excellent meeting to the point that he immediately became her manager, while he positioned her in several record labels. Finally she decided to stay at Sony Music Entertainment New Zealand.

Her first album What to do with Daylight was released in 2003. In just one week it reached No. 1 in sales and earned a gold record. Then she got 7 times platinum, by selling 100 000 albums only in New Zealand. The singles of five songs from this album were located in the top 20 RIANZ (list of popularity in New Zealand). This rapid popularity earned her major touring in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2005 she traveled to Africa; from Rwanda to Tanzania before going to meet a girl that she sponsors. This journey moved her so much that she wrote the lyrics of a song called Albertine in memory of a girl she met in Rwanda. Later, she used that name as a title for her second album released in 2006, for which she got the double platinum in New Zealand and the gold in Australia.

The keys to success of this artist are good her lyrics and a voice very well trained, making each of her albums have very high musical level. Perhaps, her contra is the fact that she does not like touring much.

She currently lives in Sydney, Australia, and spends much of her time to the musical work and cooperate with the church.


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  1. This information was useful in some parts but a lot of it wasn’t entirely correct – in fact a lot of it sounded like you’d heard something and just assumed and made up the rest which makes me question the reliability of the information I found useful.

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