Forces of Light Festival in Helsinki

The festival of lights known as the Forces of Light Festival in Helsinki begins in November. For the last 10 years, this festival has been attracting international tourists and local visitors to experience the beginning of a new season on the calendar.

 Forces <b>of</b> <b>light</b> <b>festival</b> Helsinki

This fantastic party, which usually lasts about 15 days, reflects a lifestyle and culture of people who live a long while with almost no sunlight.


The celebration involves art and cutting-edge design that make the city a true work of light and color. The blackness of the dark is offset by the brightness of the lights and fires that fascinate everyone.


This festival has transformed the city into an attraction for many tourists who travel to get to know the world´s northernmost capital and a city whose motto is attractive design. They enjoy this carnival of light and creativity that is performed in streets and parks.


Despite the low temperatures that are normal in autumn, the beauty of this city is magnified by the joy of the people who set the pace of the party. Afterwards, you can savor good salmon soup to warm the body, a custom that is very Finnish. You can find it at some of the many good restaurants in the city.


The lack of sunlight can affect many aspects of daily life and health. This is why countries where the people live part of the year practically without sunlight usually have treatments to avoid the stress. This festival is a cultural form of accepting that the people will have to start using artificial lights.


One of the exotic experiences sought by many tourists is to experience the shortest days on the planet. Usually by November 15, the sun rises at 9:07 am and sets already at 2:53 pm. And around December 15 there will be only two hours of daylight. This dark time of year is called Kaamos, because while the sun is not visible on the horizon it’s rays illuminate the sky, creating a beautiful light, with blue tones that turn the landscape around Helsinki into a unique experience.


To overcome the stress of the long winter, the cold and lack of sunlight, the inhabitants of this city have the pleasant habit of going into the sauna and then jumping in the snow. This can be done with or without swimwear without problems, since everyone there enjoys this relaxing and detoxifying practice.


At this time of the year, the temperatures can be extreme. If you plan on attending the Forces of Light Festival, wear thermal shirts, hats, scarves, gloves, socks and shoes that protect you from the cold ground temperatures.


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