‘Wine & Music’ Gala in Budapest

That music and wine are a great combination to enliven the senses is something that people in Budapest know well. So every December 30 the Hungarian capital is decked out to see the year leave with a unique event on the banks of the Danube, where the rich musical tradition of Hungary, with its Gypsies nuances, joins big classical composers like Strauss or Brahms, accompanied by the best wines.


The origin of what has already become a tradition in Budapest is found in 1985, the year in which the great dynasties of Hungarian musicians decide to form a band, dubbed Hundred Member Gipsy Orchestra  hoping to create a place of continuous training that involved national young talents, and contribute to preserving the musical heritage of the country. The culmination of this ambitious project comes with a Christmas concert in the elegant and idyllic Budapest Convention Centre.

In this edition, the doors open at 18pm and the event begins with a wine tasting at 18:15 pm, where you will have chance to meet the best winemakers in the country and enjoy a traditional dance show. But if you want to feel like a true member of the nobility, choose the option that includes a gala dinner during the concert.

The menu


Ham with roquefort cream and walnuts, pears with saffron and white wine, blue cheese mousse and red onion jelly.

First Course

consommé with quail egg and ham profiteroles.

Second Course:

Pork tenderloin steak with French fries and green beans wrapped in bacon.


Irish coffee nougat mousse with cinnamon and peanut.

Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon Hajósi 2006 Kunsági white Sauvignon, Chardonnay Hajos-Bajai.


Hungarian Folklore

The concert is divided into two parts, separated by an interval of 20 minutes in which wine tasting continues. The first part starts at 19h and lasts for one hour with a repertoire of nine parts of gypsy folklore and composers like Rossini, Bizet, Khachaturian, Erkel and Monti.
European Classicism

At 20:20 the second part starts dominated by the great European composers: Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Liszt, Brahms, Offenbach Dinicu chosen this year for a repertoire that includes polkas and rhapsodies, culminating with  the Radetczky  march to end the evening.

Address: 1124 Budapest, Jagelló str. 1-3

Prices: Concert + Dinner + Concert 110 euros or 68 euros for appetizer, both on the ground floor.

Concert with wine tasting only 53 euros in rows 1-4 and 53 euros in rows 5-9.

Elena Alvarez Only-apartments AuthorElena Alvarez

If you have not decided what will your holiday destination will be this Christmas, choose the Hungarian capital and you can celebrate the year end in a special way by attending the Wine & Music Gala. To sleep, book one of our apartments in Budapest city center  and enjoy the best location to discover the delights of this charming city.

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