Kalma Saun in Tallin

Visiting a spa and enjoying a sauna is always much more rewarding in a place where it is cold. That´s why It was in the northern European countries where these facilities were used for the first time. Over time, spas have been modernized and its facilities have been adapted to the needs of contemporary society, but there are some that have undergone renovations and have managed to maintain the look and charm that characterized them and granted them such popularity.


The best of those old health spas are in the Estonian capital of Tallinn and the oldest is called Kalma Saun. Kalma Saun was the first public spa built in the city, opening its doors in 1928. If you are looking for a state of the art spa ¡perhaps it would be appropriate to find another because ¡Kalma Saun offers an authentic Estonian experience. Here you can enjoy body treatments with heat, hot stones, cold baths, saunas and hot and warm in the old-fashioned way: sitting naked sitting on benches with other customers. But fear not. If you get a little shy enjoy the sauna in a towel, you even have private saunas you can use. There is also a pool where you can swim and cool off after the hot sauna.

The building itself speaks volumes about the place.  Its facade seems more of a Soviet official Institution than a building of a spa, but the interior is much more comforting, which is an indicator of a genuine Baltic sauna. At reception you will receive a towel, a plastic mat and a birch branch to gently whip yourself and improve your circulation.

Another good feature of Kalma Saun is that prices are low. From 6 € you can go into this place and enjoy the facilities. Certainly, this place does not have the luxury other spas has but is historical value compensate.  those who are in search of an authentic indigenous experience should not miss it.

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If you thought of spending a few days in the capital of Estonia, consider renting Tallinn accommodation apartments , as it is a convenient and inexpensive option to enjoy a home away from home. If you are someone who likes to prove the authenticity of the site, a morning or an afternoon at Kalma Saun will not only relax you and leave you feeling great but you can also say that you´ve done it in the oldest and most traditional spa in town.

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