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The Vienna State Opera (Wiener Staatsoper), a music paradigm in this city which was known as the Vienna Court Opera until 1920, is a neo-Renaissance building that goes back to the year 1861 approximately. This theatre is the home of a world-famous opera company and it annually holds the Wiener Opernball (the Dance of the Opera), a highly important event for the Viennese and also famous around the world.

wiener <b>opernball</b> 2013

At 8.30pm, the doors of the Opera open and a committee of distinguished people enters the building and is welcomed with champagne. When the time of inaugurating the celebration arrives, the President of the Austrian Republic stands up along with all the participants and they sing their National Anthem. 180 debutant couples, the men dressed in black and white dress-coats and the women in white dresses and a tiara in their hair, enter the room holding each other´s hands to the music of the Polonaise. It´s their initiation in an elite circle and for that they must comply with three conditions: to know how to dance the waltz from the left, to come recommended by someone with influence in Austria and to be in the age frame between 18 and 24 years old.

When this solemn act ends, there´s the presentation of the State Opera Ballet, in which children also participate. Also, famous singers go on stage and perform well-known songs to entertain the attendants.

When the shows are over, the master of ceremonies comes out and says a couple words that open the ball for the attendants: Alles Walzer (which means “everyone waltz”).

After a few hours of waltzing and well after midnight, they play the last piece which puts an end to the evening, Brüderlein fein.

Everyone can participate in this spectacular mis en scene at the Vienna State Opera. The next Wiener Opernball will take place on the 7th of February from 8.30pm. Tickets cost between 180 and 18,500€, depending the events that you want to assist. Of course, you need to dress appropriately, with a long dress if you´re a woman and with a dress-coat if you´re a man.

If you´re a waltz lover and you know how to dance it to the left, you cannot miss out on this chance to attend the Wiener Opernball, put on your best clothes and dance the night away in this colossal building that is the Vienna State Opera.

You can book your tickets and get to know a bit more about the Wiener Opernball as well as enjoy a look back to the 2012 edition on this link:

In any case and so you can an idea of this Viennese event, here´s a video of the opening debutant ball. It will definitely surprise you due to its protocolary and grandiose nature, typical of Austrian society.

As they say there, alles walzer!


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If you rent at Vienna apartments directory , don´t forget that on the 7th of February one of the most important events of the year will take place in this city, the Wiener Opernball, a unique chance to learn how to dance waltz and dress up with your best clothes for a night.

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