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Our apartments Kiev, Ukraine have a valuation of 7.8 over 10 based upon 9 opinions. Book your apartment from 26$/ night.

Apartments in Kiev: Affordable Accommodation

Kiev is not just the capital of Ukraine, it is also one of the oldest and most important major cities in Eastern Europe. The city has just 2.8 million inhabitants and is known for being an important scientific, cultural, industrial and highly technological center. Its extreme climate (-20ºC in winter and 30ºC in summer) provides a fascinating environment at all times. It is also a place with a lot of history, which is embodied in every nook and cranny of the city and is present in its museums. It is delightful to stroll through its cobbled streets and underneath the colorful trees that provide decoration in spring and shade in the summer, as is walking through its parks and along the banks of the River Dnieper at the heart of the city. There is nothing like going for a stroll and admiring the architecture in Kiev, taking in both the Soviet structuralism and the Baroque structuralism, the latter dating back to the 15th century, as reflected in the delicate golden domes that are reminiscent of Imperial Russia.

Apartments in Kiev - Accommodation in Kiev

For sports fan, the bicycle lanes, canoeing, fishing and other water sports on the rivers and lakes located in the area will reel you in. The restaurants and cafés are also worth mentioning; the great majority of them are excellent and have an air of local charm. The national dish is meatballs, which is prepared in many different ways and creates an unforgettable culinary experience for visitors. The Central Market is a must-see attraction where you can buy caviar, shellfish and fruit. Its vibrant nightlife offers numerous bars, pubs and nightclubs, many whose decoration is based on a technological theme. Rent one of our apartments in Kiev, let yourself be captivated by this marvelous city and explore the history that is present on each of its streets.

Accommodation in Kiev

Kiev has a range of apartments, such as hotels, hostels, studios and B&B’s that are available to visitors. Only-apartments has the best to offer when it comes to apartments and its prices are the best on the market. Short-stay accommodation in Kiev is very sophisticated and our apartments are equipped with all of the facilities that you might need. We also have studios that are close to areas offering entertainment, as well as flats designed tastefully to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Places to go in Kiev

As you can see, Kiev has many interesting places to visit. If you want to stay in the best location don’t forget to look at our list of apartments in Kiev, which are located all over the city and are close to the places mentioned above.

Beaches in Kiev

On the public beaches of the River Dnieper you can play paddleball and volleyball, enjoy a kebab or take a swim in the crystal-clear water.

Hydropark is located on Venice Island, which is connected to Kiev via two bridges. You can play ping-pong, go paintballing, do gymnastics, rent a catamaran or go for a boat trip. You can get to the Hydropark station by metro.

Amusement Park

Seiklar Rope Park is in the middle of a forest. It is a designer park where you can evaluate your skills, strength and agility. The canopy area has two routes, one for adults and one for children. The challenge consists of crossing and climbing ropes. A harness is used for all of the activities and an instructor always accompanies you. It is an ideal place to enjoy time as a family and it is open from 10.00am until 6.00pm.

Our apartments in Kiev are also close to this interesting tourist attraction.

How to Get to Kiev

Kiev Boryspil Airport is at the east of the city, 35 kilometers from the city center and 30 minutes away by taxi. Sky Bus is a bus line that departs for Kiev Central Station every 15 minutes. The buses are purple and depart from Terminals B, D, and F. At night the buses are less frequent. To be on the safe side you can buy the ticket on the bus website. It costs €3.43. There is also a taxi service. The trip to the city center costs €8 or €9. If you want more freedom of movement you can rent a car at the airport counter.

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