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The Ukrainian capital is one of the oldest cities of Eastern Europe and it has gone through the hands of many civilizations until it established itself as Ukraine after the fall of communism. The population of Kiev, unlike those of Eastern Ukraine, consider themselves as Ukrainians and not Russians and are pining for entry to the European Union to establish Ukraine as a modern country that’s left communism and the Soviet era behind. Contemporary buildings are slowly appearing to symbolise this change, so why not come for a few days holiday in apartments in Kiev and visit one of the most important cities in Eastern Europe and its thriving modern pull.

What to see in Kiev

A visit to Kiev is incomplete without a visit to Maidan, also known as Independence Square, the location where Ukrainians celebrate and protest and the city’s beating heart. In terms of churches, Kiev boasts considerable beauty with the monastery of/Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra and the Orthodox church of St. Sophia, the latter with beautiful golden domes and white and green colours. Don’t miss the Motherland Statue during your stay in cheap apartments in Kiev, a towering sculpture built to commemorate the Great Patriotic War (or WWII) which contains a museum at the base.

Chernobyl, tourism and tragedy

One of Ukraine’s most famous and darkest moments was the explosion of the nuclear power plant at Chernobyl in 1986, which directly and indirectly killed thousands of people and has left tragic sequels to all those exposed to the radiation. Today, you can take day tours to the Exclusion Zone in Chernobyl (at your own risk of radiation exposure) and visit the site of the tragedy. There is also a museum in Kiev with audio guides in English that explain the tragedy and show exhibits related to it.

When to come to Kiev

It will come as no surprise that Kiev can get cold beyond belief in winter, which is why it’s best to avoid it during that time. Why not visit the city in summer, when temperatures are higher and the sun is out, perfect to enjoy a stroll along the busy commercial street of Khreshchatyk for a spot of shopping. Temperatures in spring and autumn can vary but Kiev should be visited in summer, a safe bet.

Transport in Kiev

Kiev has Boryspil Airport which connects it with the rest of Europe and Russia. You can also get to the city by train from relatively nearby important cities and move around the city with buses, trolleybuses and old trams. You can also take taxis but beware of the scams and look out for official licenses in the cabs, although this doesn’t mean you still can’t still haggle since they will blow up prices for tourists.

Festivals in Kiev

Orthodox Easter is the most important religious festival in the calendar and it takes place in April. For something more historical and patriotic, Victory Day celebrates the victory over the Nazis in WWII on May 9th. When it comes to the arts, Global Gathering is an outdoor electronic music festival that takes place in July, while Gogolfest is a multi-disciplinary arts festival that is celebrated in the month of September.

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