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Our apartments Albufeira, Portugal have a valuation of 3.9 over 5 based on 28 opinions. Book your apartment from US$41 / night.

Apartments in Albufeira: Holiday accommodations

Albufeira is a Portuguese city in the district of El Faro, located in the Algarve. Founded during the Islamic period, its name in Arabic means “Small Ocean”, and other Mediterranean cities belonging to this period also have the same name. With a mild climate, hot summers and easy winters, it’s an ideal place for North European visitors. Its beaches and white buildings nestled on the cliffs face the Atlantic, which enchant anyone seeing them for the first time. The streets are pleasant, fragrant and full of Portuguese sensuality inviting you to try their ancient cuisine. The small shops in the old town have local crafts and the flea market is a great place for visitors to wander, with all types of fresh products interesting objects and local crafts. Art and culture are also part of this wonderful city. There are two art galleries, a museum, rich heritage, movie theatres, fairs and cultural festivals throughout the year. To try the local cuisine you don’t need to spend a lot of money, there are beach bars with fresh fish and typical dishes at incredible prices. The bars, cafes and nightlife are great and it is a very safe city. You can also go fishing, hiking, bird watching, scuba diving, cycling, snorkeling or windsurfing. In addition to all this there are kilometers of white sandy beaches and a long stretch of blue turquoise ocean. We have a wide variety of Albufeira apartments, so rent one today facing the sea and forget about your problems.

Places to go in Albufeira

Many of our apartments in Albufeira are very close to all these fun places, you only have to make the decision to travel and rent the best and least expensive place for your holidays.

Apartments in Albufeira – Accomodation in Albufeira

Accomodation in Albufeira

From 5-star luxury hotels in luxurious residential areas and fashionable hostels, to friendly B&Bs, inexpensive pensions and centrally located guesthouses, the Albufeira accommodation is varied. We have a large collection of finely furnished flats and apartments for families, couples, groups of friends or those just looking to have a good time in the city or spend their days relaxing in the sun.

Albufeira beaches

The beaches in Albufeira are the best known in all of Portugal. They are also famous worldwide for their warm waters, size and the infrastructure built around them. We have highlighted the following beaches:

The Falésia Beach has been recognized with a blue flag for the length of the beach, the fine soft sand and the turquoise color of the very warm water. In addition, there are various shopping malls nearby for those who love to shop.

Salgados Beach is the place where you can find resorts, shopping, golf courses, exclusive sports clubs and visit the impressive bird watching lookout. All in luxury and style.

Oura Beach is the busiest of Albufeira, a trendy place among young people. It has a range of shops, beach bars, restaurants, bars and services. The beach has a blue flag and is suitable for all kinds of sports, where the fine sand and the temperature of the water are the delight of visitors.

Dos Pescadores Beach is the most popular in Algarve, with calm surf, white sand and crystalline water. It’s an ideal place for going with kids. You can go diving, snorkeling or just admire the abundance of barnacles, limpets, mussels and the schools of fish hidden in its waters.

The Peneco Beach is known as Praia do Túnel because its access is via a tunnel running through the cliffs, it’s located in front of the old town. The tunnel comes out onto a large terrace surrounded by cafes overlooking the sea. There is a path that runs along the base of the cliffs, a delight for hiking enthusiasts.

How to get to Albufeira

The closest airport is Faro, located 46 kilometers away from Albufeira with the trip taking about 40 minutes depending on your travel dates. The public buses clearly mark their destinations and leave every 40 minutes.

At the arrival terminal’s exit there is a taxi service. Shuttle service is also available and the reservation can be made inside the airport. For those who prefer to travel at their own pace, renting a car is the best option.

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