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Apartments in Amalfi – Affordable Accommodation Options

Amalfi oozes traditional Italian charm, with cute little piazzas edged with local cafes and patisseries, and a small beach that hides sun-drenched coves. At one point in time, this picturesque little town was a huge superpower in the maritime industry. Today, it basks in a quaint splendour and a laidback lifestyle. But despite its age-old history and its hat tip to traditional Italian narratives, there are very few historic buildings after the old part of the city was submerged underwater during an earthquake in the 14th century. Amalfi remains a heady tourist destination, where the beaches and bars swell every summer with keen holidaymakers and cultural sun-seekers. Discover the charms of the town with our Amalfi apartments, which offer the perfect place to stay if you’re in search of sun, gorgeous beaches, and fascinating culture.

Three Major Attractions in Amalfi

Browse through our selection of apartments in Amalfi, which can be found near all the main attractions of the city.

Get Adventurous in Amalfi

Besides its historic charm and its abundance of Italian culture, Amalfi is also a dream destination for adventure lovers. In the surrounding regions, there are plenty of mountainous routes and spectacular scenery that cry out to be explored. You can take a long hike along the rugged coastline, stopping off in small pastel-coloured fishing villages along the way, or you can hire a mountain bike and whizz along raised pathways with views out across the ocean.

The pretty shoreline offers a whole host of adventurous activities, too. You can kayak and canoe alongside the sheer cliff faces, exploring the nooks and crannies of the coastline and getting to know Amalfi from a different perspective. There are also plenty of opportunities to take part in some watersports in the glistening waters. Jet skiing and water skiing are popular pursuits with the more adventurous minded, whilst boat trips offer a peaceful way to get out in the ocean and marvel at the picturesque town from afar.

We have a selection of Amalfi apartments dotted along the coastline, giving you easy access to the fun watersports available, as well as putting you in close proximity of the gorgeous surrounding scenery that the Amalfi coast is well-known for.

Paper and Seafarers - The Museums of Amalfi

With such a rich history and culture, it makes sense that Amalfi has a whole host of museums for you to explore. Even though it’s a small town, it boasts several museums that showcase the wondrous art and history of the region.

Start by visiting the Museo della Carta, which is dedicated to displaying Amalfi paper. For a small entrance fee you can explore the history behind the paper-making process, as well as watch a demonstration. It’s a great way to get to know an important part of Amalfi culture.

Seek some shady shelter in the Arsenale della Repubblica, which showcases the town’s maritime history. Here, you can wander amongst exhibits of model ships and scratched scrolls, delving into seafaring stories.

Set in the heart of the town, the Municipal Museum of Amalfi, also known as the Museo Civico, offers a fascinating insight into the region’s past. There are a range of artefacts and archaeological objects on display that date back to Amalfi’s golden era as one of the Mediterranean’s biggest maritime hubs.

Getting to know the history and culture of a place is an important part of any visit, so make sure you check into one of our apartments in Amalfi so you can really get under the skin of this beautiful town.

Amalfi apartments – Amalfi Accommodation

Amalfi Accommodation

As a beachside destination that proves most popular with sun-seekers in the summer months, accommodation in Amalfi mainly consists of holidaymaker hotels and shorefront studio blocks. There are also a number of quirky accommodation options, including guesthouses and traditional Italian hotels, as well as a huge selection of cosy apartments that offer the chance to live like a local for a while and explore everything the town has to offer.

Arriving in Amalfi - Getting to and From the City Centre

Though it’s a popular holiday destination, Amalfi isn’t the easiest place to get to. Most tourists fly into Naples Airport, which is about 60km away. From there, there’s a bus that runs to Sorrento which links up with another bus that travels along the Amalfi coast. Alternatively, you can hire a car from the airport and drive the hour and a half or so to Amalfi. This option is extremely popular as it gives visitors the chance to marvel at the spectacular scenery along the way, and also provides a mode of transport for taking day trips and exploring the surrounding regions during the remainder of the stay. Bear in mind, though, that in the summer months the roads can get very busy around Amalfi.

Once you’re in Amalfi, it’s unlikely you’ll need to use any public transport unless you are planning on taking a day trip. The town itself is very small, and you can walk from one side to the other in around half an hour. If you do fancy exploring some of the surrounding region, there are plenty of buses that connect up the towns along the Amalfi coast during the summer months, as well as private tour companies that service the area.

One of the best ways to get around is to hire a bike, so you can venture out along the coastline and discover some of the hidden spots of Amalfi.

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