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Our apartments Athens, Greece have a valuation of 4 over 5 based on 435 opinions. Book your apartment from US$34 / night.

Apartments in Athens – Best Holiday Rentals

Athens rises up from the past, marking the start of human civilisation and exhibiting ancient relics that have made the world what it is today. But it’s also a city of change – not just one steeped in history, myth, and legend. In fact, Athens is hugely up and coming, with a vibrant arts and culture scene and a well-placed foot in the modern world. Its cosmopolitan facelift boasts a flurry of design-led cafes and shops, a nouveau restaurant culture, and high-tech buildings, all of which sit in the shadows of the great ancient monuments that watch over the city like wise old guardians. Make the most of the city’s two sides with one of our apartments in Athens. Check out our selection of boutique holiday rentals and cheap flats with incredible views over the ancient city.

An Ancient World in the Present Day – Things to do in Athens

Our Athens apartments can be found all around these famous landmarks, providing you with easy access to all the major sights.

Athens Accommodation

Athens marks the spot where ancient civilisation began, offering a millennia-old world for visitors to dive into. Whilst the attractions are incredibly historic, plenty of Athens accommodation is modern with luxury facilities. Beneath the Acropolis, boutique hotels rise up filled with contemporary art and new-age facilities, whilst quaint guesthouses hide away in the old part of the city. Elsewhere, hostels cater to the city’s younger audience who seek out the trendy bars and vibrant nightlife, whilst apartments dotted throughout the city offer a local insight into the Athens lifestyle.

Athens apartments - Athens Accommodation

Winding Streets and Sprawling Squares – The Neighbourhoods of Athens

Athens is made up of several neighbourhoods which are each home to their own personalities and set of things to do. Plaka is the most-trodden neighbourhood and is situated in the shadow of the Acropolis. It boasts a labyrinth of maze-like streets which are lined with cute cafes, quirky shops, and colourful, neoclassical houses. Then there’s Monastiraki, a neighbourhood that lies on the edges of the Roman Forum which hosts a number of flea markets throughout the week. Surrounded by impressive architecture and lots of shops, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of Athens past and present in Monastiraki.

The neighbourhood of Psirri used to be a barren landscape, forgotten in favour of more popular parts of the city. Now, though, it’s a vibrant district which comes to life after dark. You’ll find lots of trendy nightclubs, galleries, and restaurants dotted throughout the streets, and it oozes an urban charm difficult to find anywhere else.

Then there’s the commercial centre, Athens’ cosmopolitan, evolving neighbourhood that has recently been pedestrianised and given a facelift. It’s a hub of activity, with everything from quirky galleries to ancient museums, old architecture, and modern eateries.

Our Athens apartments can be found in all of these districts so you can really get a feel for the atmosphere of the city.

Arriving in Athens – Getting From the Airport to the City Centre

The Eleftherios Venizelos International Athens Airport is situated very close to the city centre, meaning it’s easy for you to get to the middle of the action quickly. You can hop on the metro which takes you to Syntagma Square or the neighbourhood of Monastiraki, or you can grab a ride on the express bus which travels frequently between the airport and Syntagma Square.

Alternatively, there are numerous taxis waiting outside the terminals where you can get a quick and fairly cheap ride to your destination. It’s actually possible to walk from the airport into Athens which exposes you to some of the amazing sights along the way, but it takes a while and isn’t the best method if you’re carrying lots of luggage.

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