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Buenos Aires Apartments

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Our apartments Buenos Aires, Argentina have a valuation of 4 over 5 based on 126 opinions. Book your apartment from US$24 / night.

Apartments in Buenos Aires – Budget Friendly Accommodation

Buenos Aires has a European feel to it with ornate facades and a rich history, but everything is imbued with a passionate, Latin twist. The busy avenues burst with colourful sights, friendly faces, and an eclectic mix of old and new, and there’s a real sense of life that dances past tiny local cafes, trendy restaurants, and street stalls oozing with delicious smells. It’s no wonder the city that invented the Tango has an upbeat, carefree rhythm that weaves with the intense Latin lifestyle. And underneath all of this, there is a contemporary scene that has thrived in recent years, bringing with it a hedonistic nightlife, oodles of designer shopping opportunities, and an experimental mix of cuisines from all over the world. Experience the lively atmosphere with one of our apartments in Buenos Aires. We have a range of affordable flats and boutique rentals for every occasion.

Buenos Aires apartments – Buenos Aires Accommodation

The Perfect Day in Buenos Aires

Start the day by visiting one of the many open-air flea markets that pepper the city. At these cultural, lively events, you can pick up a selection of homemade crafts as well as fresh fruit and veg to munch on for the rest of the day. Be sure to grab some breakfast from one of the hot food stalls to keep you going.

Then it’s onto the park to while away a few hours chilling out with friends and sipping on mate, a bitter tea drink that is popular with locals. Try the Rosedal Park or the Bosques de Palermo, both of which have numerous green spaces perfect for relaxing in. If you’re feeling it, take a musical instrument along with you to add a splash of creativity to your day or, if that’s not possible, gather round some of the local buskers and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

When you’ve spent enough time lounging around in the park, it’s onto the live music venues which are dotted throughout the city streets. Concerts are a huge part of local life in Buenos Aires, and you can find a band playing on pretty much every corner. You can try a bar or relaxed café to catch some tunes or, alternatively, head to one of the big nightclubs that feature a range of DJs from all over the world.

End the day in one of our Buenos Aires apartments, where you can get some much needed sleep before starting all over again the next day.

Cemeteries and Concert Halls - Things to do in Buenos Aires

Many of our Buenos Aires apartments overlook these popular attractions, providing the perfect place to stay if you’re looking to explore the centre of all the action.

Buenos Aires Accommodation

All around the cultural streets of Buenos Aires there are places to stay that offer an insight into the lively lifestyle of the city. Luxury hotels offer cheap accommodation along the rustic streets and old Gothic buildings are home to stylish apartments that look out over the stunning skyline. Buenos Aires accommodation is extremely affordable and the comfortable hostels and holiday studios are within walking distance of all the major attractions. They’re never too far from a delicious authentic restaurant or a lively bar, either.

Buenos Aires is Just a Bus Ride From the Airport

Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza Airport isn’t far from the city centre and there are a number of ways you can make your way into town. Firstly, you can grab the shuttle service that regularly runs from the airport to the bus station downtown, though you’ll probably need to get the metro or a taxi from there to your final destination. Alternatively, for a really cheap option, you can hop on the public bus which runs to the Monte Grande railway station or Plaza de Mayo from the airport. If public transport isn’t for you, there are a number of taxi and rent-a-car services available at the airport – just ask at the information desk.

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