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Our apartments Cádiz, Spain have a valuation of 3.8 over 5 based on 3 opinions. Book your apartment from US$49 / night.

Apartments in Cadiz – Affordable Holiday Rentals

Cadiz is thought to be the oldest inhabited settlement in the whole of Europe. It’s currently in its fourth millennium and has obviously picked up an incredible amount of history and culture along the way. In the ancient centre of the city there is a tangle of cobblestone streets that spider out towards the Atlantic Ocean. Here, lush beaches spread out for miles in every direction, lined with intimate eateries, typical seaside scenes, and the delicious smell of frying fish. Stepping foot in Cadiz is akin to stepping back in time, immersed amongst centuries-old architecture and a lifestyle that has remained intact for thousands of years. But it’s not just the historical factors that draw visitors in time and time again, it’s also known for its exquisite seafood, its optimal backdrop for surfing adventures, its selection of cultural museums, and its very affordable prices. Wind your clock back and get to know this ancient city with our range of apartments in Cadiz, which offer an independent immersion into the cultural backdrop and everything it has to offer.

Roman Remains and Grand Theatres - Things to do in Cadiz

Cadiz is a haven of history, with every building, street, and scene imbued with a hearty dose of age-old Spanish culture. There’s so much to explore throughout the city, so make yourself at home with one of our Cadiz apartments and start discovering everything the city has to offer.

Cadiz Apartments – Cadiz Accommodation

How to Have a Cultural Day in Cadiz

Cadiz is full of fascinating culture, so it’s difficult to not have a day filled with traditional delights and snippets of history. Once you’ve seen all the major attractions, why not head off-grid and explore some of the lesser-known aspects of the city.

Start by visiting the Municipal Museum which boasts a detailed miniature version of Cadiz from the 19th Century. It’s eye-opening seeing what the city was like hundreds of years ago, and gives a visual insight into how Cadiz has evolved since then. There’s also a great selection of oil paintings, vintage maps, and handwriting documents to explore. The best part? As it’s relatively unknown, the museum is usually empty, giving you ample space to explore at your own speed.

Next, hire a bike and cycle around the old part of Cadiz. Wind through ancient streets, stopping off here and there to enjoy a hot drink and a spot of people watching. This is one of the best ways to experience the old part of the city, and it allows you to discover things from a different perspective.

Finish up in the Barrio del Populo, which has been modernised and spruced up over recent years. There are numerous quirky cafes, boutique shops, and traditional craft stores to wander around, as well as independent art galleries bursting with contemporary local talent. End the day in one of the intimate eateries, where you can tuck into traditional seafood tapas and sip on some local wine.

Cadiz Accommodation

Cadiz accommodation reflects the age-old history of the city, bringing visitors a wide variety of options. In the old centre, there are plenty of rustic guesthouses and tiny, intimate hotels with wrought-iron balconies that look out over the cobblestone streets. Elsewhere, you’ll find plush hotels rising up towards the sky, offering spectacular views over the ancient city, and a smattering of local apartments where you can try your hand at living like a local.

How to Get to Cadiz

There are a number of different ways you can get to our Cadiz apartments. The closest airports are Jerez, Seville, and Malaga. From all three airports you can hop on the local Andalusian buses that travel from the terminals to Cadiz. Jerez is the cheapest and easiest airport to fly into, with extremely affordable bus tickets and a timeframe of just over an hour to Cadiz.

From the centre of Jerez and Seville you can also get a train. There are frequent services from both cities to Cadiz which offer incredibly scenic views along the way. Some visitors arrive from Madrid, too, taking the long-distance train which takes around five hours.

Alternatively, you can hire a car from any airport you arrive in and drive into Cadiz. The routes from all the major cities are beautiful and give you a taste of local life as you go. It’s also handy to have a car when you arrive in Cadiz, so you can explore the surrounding regions at your own pace during your trip.

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