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Apartments in Calpe – Affordable Accommodation

Calpe is a seaside town set between two sprawling, sandy bays, Playa Arenal and Playa Levante. Boasting hundreds of great amenities for tourists, the resort is the perfect place to catch some summer sun and revel in the laidback beach-side lifestyle. The most eye-catching thing about Calpe, though, is the giant limestone rock that juts up from the sea. The Penon de Ifach is an impressive sight to say the least. Elsewhere around the resort, there are numerous hiking routes that take walkers along stunning coastal paths and offer up incredible views of the landscape. In the centre of town, there are plenty of cute restaurants to check out, bars to enjoy, and shops to browse. Our Calpe apartments give you the chance to explore all of this and more from a spacious and affordable base. We have a handful of studios dotted around town, giving you easy access to all the main sights and attractions.

Something for Every Occasion - Things to do in Calpe

There is a mixture of things to do in Calpe, which means there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a nature lover, a hiker, or simply want to relax on the beach, make sure you check into our apartments in Calpe for the ultimate break.

The Curious History of Calpe

Like many old fashioned seaside towns in Spain, Calpe boasts a rich history that’s evident through the resort. In the Old Town, wide boulevards with modern buildings nestle up against narrow laneways with rustic architecture that harks back to yesteryear.

Calpe itself is almost three thousand years old, and its vintage aesthetic certainly shows this. Away from the beaches and tourism bustle, the town still holds onto a sense of tradition and age-old history. Early archaeological findings were dug up in the Ifach cliffs by the Iberians, whilst later, the Romans began a thriving trade colony that focused on the salted, dried fish that’s popular in the region.

Move forward a few centuries to the Middle Ages, and Calpe’s local population turned towards agriculture. This was a time when various religious sectors lived together happily and in peace, though there were several pirate attacks between the 14th and 17th centuries. As the town veered towards the present day, it picked up speed in the tourism world, and today it is a hugely popular place for families and individuals to enjoy their summer breaks.

The history of Calpe is visible all around town, and our Calpe apartments are the perfect place to begin exploring it. Whether you’re in an old fashioned part of the town or tucked away in a modern building, you’ll stumble across the fascinating narratives that have played out here over the centuries.

Apartments in Calpe – Calpe Accommodation

Calpe Accommodation

Because it’s such a major beachside destination, Calpe accommodation is predominantly made up of seafront hotels that flank the shoreline. They offer private swimming pools, delicious restaurants, and incredible views out to sea. There are also a number of self-catering studio blocks set along the coast. Further inland, in the old part of town, there are rustic old boutique hotels with luxurious offerings, guesthouses that hark back to more traditional times, and even homestays that give you the chance to get to know local life in Calpe. Then there are hostels for budget travellers, and plenty of spacious apartments which allow you delve into the heart of Calpe and get to know it like a local.

Cruising Down the Coast to Calpe

Alicante Airport is the nearest to Calpe, and there are plenty of bus services that connect up the two destinations. From Alicante Airport you can get the bus from outside the terminals, which first stops in Benidorm, then carries on along the coast to Calpe. This is the cheapest way to get into town, taking just over an hour for the whole journey.

Alternatively, you can grab a taxi from the airport and drive the 55-minute journey to Calpe. There are plenty of taxis waiting outside the terminals, but be sure to agree on a price before you get in.

A lot of people choose to hire a car from the airport, too, as it gives you ample opportunity to stop along the way and admire hidden destinations. It’s also handy to have a car during your trip, so you can explore some of the stunning landscapes that surround Calpe.

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