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Apartments in Cordoba – Budget Boutique Rentals

Set in the winding, whitewashed region of Andalusia, Cordoba is a pocket of paradise for food and culture lovers. Boasting a labyrinth maze of old bodegas, impressive architecture, and a delicious menu of mouth-watering restaurants, this medieval city is the epitome of Spanish style. At its very heart you’ll find the Mezquita, a majestic domed bastion of Islamic culture that rears up from the intricate streets of the old town. From there you can wander into the Jewish quarter and indulge in rich coffee on picturesque plazas, dip into mesmerising museums, and relax with a drink in hand at one of the many cosy bars. Cordoba’s multicultural character means there’s a new side to the city around every single corner. Get stuck into the traditional way of life in one of our apartments in Cordoba, where you can stay in a boutique flat in the winding streets of the old town.

A Kaleidoscope of Culture - Things to do in Cordoba

We have a number of Cordoba apartments dotted around these major landmarks, ensuring you get to experience everything the city has to offer.

Cordoba apartments – Cordoba Accommodation

Local Life in the Labyrinth Maze of Cordoba

Cordoba is one of the most visited cities in Southern Spain thanks to its persistent mishmash of cultures and lively, passionate personality. Throughout the streets you’ll find hundreds of tourists wandering past soaring Moorish architecture and dome-roofed mosques, but there are numerous ways you can blend in with the locals.

For starters, locals in Cordoba eat late. Really, really late. Guidebook restaurants are filled with tourists up until ten or eleven pm, but after that, when the tourists have scuttled off back to bed, the locals reclaim their turf. Pick out any restaurant when it’s nearing midnight and you’ll find a flurry of activity – families lapping up local dishes, friends laughing over a beer or two, and even elderly residents exchanging the latest gossip.

By day, you can delve into local life through the meandering streets of the old town. Bypass the sprawling plazas and instead seek out the picturesque patios of local home owners. Patios are a huge part of Cordoba culture and there’s even a yearly competition to pick out the most elaborately beautiful. The best thing, though, is that hospitable locals open up their patios to the passing public, giving you a shady, quiet spot to learn more about the rich and ingrained traditions of the city.

Live like a local in one of our Cordoba apartments that pepper the city.

Cordoba Accommodation

The old, winding streets of Cordoba are filled with charming guesthouses that hark back to traditional days. Alongside impressive Moorish buildings, cute hotels burst with vibrant bouquets of flowers and quaint courtyards, whilst lively hostels add to the youthful atmosphere of the city. Cordoba accommodation also includes high-end hotels that are filled with both luxurious style and old Spanish roots, and central, cheap apartments that provide a local experience amongst all the major attractions. Accommodation here is affordable and offers another perspective to the cultural traditions of this beautiful Spanish city.

Cruising Around Cordoba – Horse and Carriages and Scenic Bus Rides

Cordoba itself doesn’t have an international airport, but you can reach the city from Madrid easily by bus or train. The quickest option is the high-speed train service that connects the two cities, but the bus is cheaper and more scenic.

Once you are in the city, it is really easy to navigate. The best way to get around is by foot, a method which means you’ll get to see all the amazing architecture and sights whilst soaking up the lively atmosphere. Alternatively, if you want to rest your legs, you can hop on the local buses, which journey between all the major attractions as well as destinations outside of the city, or grab a taxi to quickly whizz you from one place to the next.

To really experience the vintage style of Cordoba, you can always take a ride in a horse and carriage, which will wind its way through the old town, clip-clopping over the cobblestones, and presenting you with spectacular views of the incredible architecture. It’s not cheap, but it’s a great way to authentically explore the city.

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