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Of all the Greek islands, Crete isn’t just the biggest one but probably also the most beautiful one. Sun, beach, culture and a great atmosphere can be enjoyed on this island of large contrasts: from large cities on the coast to small and quiet towns on the mountains. Without doubt, this island has it all and it’s a perfect option for your next holiday renting apartments in Crete and enjoying this unique island.

What not to miss in Crete

Crete is an island of tradition and aside of enjoying the beautiful beaches of Ierapetra or Sitra, you can eat some delicious cuisine. Throughout the island you can find taverns where to eat traditional cuisine for very little money; do not miss out on Greek ingredients such as yoghurt, honey, olive oil, halloumi cheese or the exquisite meats. As well as where to eat, the kafeneion are cafes where the social life of Crete gathers. Crete also has the Samaria National Park, a park of great natural beauty with amazing gorges and different hiking routes to enjoy. And, for history lovers, just outside Heraklion there is Knossos, ancient ruins from the Minoan times from 3000 to 1400 BC.

Cities in Crete

Heraklion is the capital of Crete although it isn’t by any means its most attractive city. There are cities and towns for all tastes where to rent apartments in Crete: for those who enjoy luxury, Elounda is the best choice whilst for something a little bit more simple and picturesque, Rethymno is perfect thanks to its small and narrow streets of its old town, very similar to those in Agios Nikolaos, a great destination to rent a cheap apartment in Crete. For party lovers, there is a great nightlife in Malia and Chersonissos, whilst those who enjoy peace and quiet can head for the white houses and quiet beaches of Hora Sfakion.

The best time to visit Crete

Between Europe and Africa, the climate in Crete is hot and sunny during spring and summer, which is when the island is at its most attractive. However, winters and autumns are quite mild, so you can go to Crete and visit it with more tranquillity and discover its treasures without so many people, since Crete isn’t just a and island that solely caters for tourism.

Getting around Crete

Heraklion is the main airport in Crete although there is another one in Sitra, especially for domestic flights. You can also reach the island by ferry from Greece. Crete has a reliable public transport network although the best vehicle to get around the island is the motorcycle, which can be rented throughout the island.

Popular festivals in Crete

There are many festivals in Crete that can be enjoyed all year long, and most of them include food and music. The anniversary of the Battle of Crete in May gathers all the towns and people dance and sing with cultural shows, whilst the Tsikoudia Banquet in November is a gastronomic festival with plenty of food and raki, perfect excuses to spend your next holidays in Crete.
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