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Apartments in Gdansk – Affordable Holiday Accommodation

Gdansk is unlike any other Polish city, though it still oozes with gritty charm. Its centuries-old maritime history is evident around the port, whilst a mishmash of architectural styles combine movements from various different nations and eras. Most visitors hotfoot it to the Old Town, an area characterised by cobbled laneways and red-brick churches. This is where the history of Gdansk is at its most vibrant, tangled together with tall townhouses, museums, and local cafes, but the dock area is still a firm favourite for boat trips, dinners with a view, and sunset drinks. Despite its turbulent past, Gdansk has built itself up into a vibrant city decked out with a string of quirky sights and a youthful atmosphere to go with it. Discover the new side to the city with our Gdansk apartments, a collection of budget accommodation that spans the entire city, from Main Town to dockside.

The Old Town and Ornate Architecture - Things to do in Gdansk

Apartments in Gdansk – Gdansk Accommodation

Gdansk Accommodation

The chocolate box scenes of Gdansk paint a pretty picture of this Polish city, and Gdansk accommodation is equally as quaint. You can find luxury hotels flanking colourful squares and guesthouses set inside historic buildings. There are plenty of hostels, too, that cater to the city’s younger audience, and a range of apartments that offer a closer look at Gdansk on a local level. Regardless of what you want to see in the city, there’s an accommodation option that goes hand in hand with it.

The Great Neighbourhoods of Gdansk

Gdansk is made up of numerous different districts that all join together to make it such an eclectic, vibrant city. Each area has its own personality and offers a unique range of attractions for tourists. We have a range of apartments in Gdansk that span most of these areas, which means you can find the perfect place to stay depending on your interests.

Oliwa is one of the most popular districts of Gdansk. It’s well-known for its medieval monastery and it boasts an interesting history that spans back to the 17th Century – it was where the Battle of Oliva took place. Today, it offers a cultural walk down memory lane, along with a whole host of authentic, local eateries.

Osowa is slightly further from the city centre, but it still holds a host of attractions for visitors. It sits on the edge of Osowa Lake, which is surrounded by a stretch of sandy beaches. It’s also a great place to try out some watersports for the more adventurous travellers. Osowa is a popular shopping district of Gdansk, too, and is the go-to place for locals on the hunt for new purchases.

The Nowy Port area harks back to Gdansk’s time as a maritime hub, and there are still many elements of its past life visible along the dockside. It’s the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and sink a few drinks whilst admiring the stunning views across the water.

Planes, Trains, and Ferries - Getting to Gdansk

There are numerous ways to get to Gdansk and reach our Gdansk apartments thanks to the city’s central location in Europe. Most obviously, you can fly into the city airport and make your way into the centre via the public train and bus services. Alternatively, you can arrive by train, which is a popular option for visitors coming from neighbouring countries. Gdansk is well connected to other cities in Poland, as well as the rest of Europe, and the rail system is currently under renovation to make it better and more efficient. Finally, you can get into Gdansk by ferry from Sweden, which offers an exciting way to start exploring the city as you get to experience it from a different perspective.

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