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Our apartments Havana, Cuba have a valuation of 4.2 over 5 based on 102 opinions. Book your apartment from US$23 / night.

Apartments in Havana – Budget Holiday Accommodation

Havana’s history is an intriguing story that draws visitors in from all over the world. Combine its fascinating past with a rustic backdrop and you have a highly coveted city – the Caribbean’s most vivacious, in fact. The peeling streets of Havana and its traffic-heavy streets aren’t conventionally beautiful, but its pastel-painted buildings, colonial architecture, and hordes of classic cars give it a unique personality like no other city in the world. Stepping foot on the shimmering shores of Havana is akin to stepping back in time, taking a picturesque walk down memory lane with the romantic visuals to go with it: vintage cars breeze past palm trees and sprawling beaches, grandiose palaces rise above shuttered houses and wrought-iron balconies, and street-side stalls sell everything from local dishes to homemade crafts and cigars. Take a trip back in time with one of our apartments in Havana and really get to know the fascinating quirks of this city. Our collection of budget flats and affordable boutique rentals span the entire city so you can find the perfect place to stay.

Explore the Historic Timeline - Things to do in Havana

Explore all that Havana has to offer and more from the comfortable base of our Havana apartments.

Havana apartments – Havana Accommodation

Havana Accommodation

When it comes to Havana accommodation, visitors are spoilt for choice. The rustic city streets are brimming with traditional hotels that ooze historic charm, whilst lively boutique hostels are tucked away alongside family-run eateries and local bars. Add to this the vast selection of holiday apartments for rent, which add a personalised touch to any stay, and the eclectic mix of homestays dotted throughout the city, and you have an exciting experience for every kind of trip. Whatever accommodation choice you opt for, you can rest easy knowing that it will be cheap and welcoming.

Time Travel in Havana

Havana is well-known for its rustic backdrop and fascinating history. Wandering through its pastel-perfect streets, past age-old buildings and alongside vintage cars, is like taking a trip down memory lane. Age-old traditions are still heavily held in Havana, and you can experience its colourful culture down every twist and turn.

Start your time travels by taking a tour in a vintage car. Old school cars pepper the streets of Havana, offering a postcard-style backdrop that harks back to retro eras. There are plenty of places to hire vintage cars in Havana, and it’s a great way to get out and explore the city. Be sure to hire an open-top car so you can feel the Caribbean breeze ruffle your hair as you explore.

Havana also boasts an impressive literary history. Famous writers perused its streets for many years and holed up in its many drinking hangouts. Ernest Hemingway is perhaps the most famous writer who soaked up the charm of Havana, and you can explore many of the haunts that he graced with his pen and paper. Start by popping into Floridita, a historic bar where Hemingway drank his fair share of daiquiris. Later, duck into Bodeguita del Medio, the birthplace of the Mojito, for some live music and salsa dancing.

Our Havana apartments offer the perfect way to get under the skin of the city, to explore like a local, and to discover its fascinating culture and history.

How to Get into Havana – From the Airport to the City Centre

Havana is served by the Jose Marti Airport, which isn’t far from the city centre. There are a number of options for getting into town. Firstly, there’s public transport, which is great for getting to know local life but can be bothersome for tourists as you have to pay in the local currency. Otherwise, there’s a comfortable train for tourists that runs from the airport into the city centre. It’s fully air-conditioned and offers great views of the surrounding scenery as you come into the city. Lastly, you can hop in a taxi. There are plenty of taxis around, both vintage-style and modern cars, and prices a very reasonable.

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