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Our apartments Leipzig, Germany have a valuation of 3.9 over 5 based on 11 opinions. Book your apartment from US$23 / night.

Apartments in Leipzig – Budget Rentals

Leipzig is a cultural hotbed, as well as an important business and transport hub. Known as one of the most dynamic cities in Germany, it’s bursting with a colourful nightlife, tonnes of fascinating museums, and a youthful vibe that throbs through the streets. Music is huge in Leipzig – Wagner was born here and Bach used to live here. Its focus on classical music is evident in its incredible choirs and key attractions that reveal the city’s musical history. To accompany its musical side, Leipzig boasts a vibrant art scene, with numerous big-name artists going through the New Leipzig art school. If you’re looking for a city that will treat both your ears and your eyes, choose Leipzig. Browse through our handpicked collection of Leipzig apartments, which offer first-hand experiences with the amazing cultural scene.

The Lush Foodie Scene in Leipzig

As well as art and music, Leipzig is renowned for its rich foodie history that stems back hundreds of years. Coffee is a huge part of Leipzig life, and the first coffee bar was founded and opened way back in 1698. In fact, the coffee bar is still open today, with a museum tacked on upstairs so you can explore the fascinating history of your brew.

It’s not just coffee that Leipzig offers in delicious abundance, though. The city has a number of local dishes that offer a taste of the city’s flavours. Traditional East German dishes can be found on practically every menu, and they should be accompanied by Gose, the famous local sour beer.

If you’ve got a hankering for another type of food, don’t worry, Leipzig has you covered. The sheer amount of trendy restaurants dotted throughout the city means there’s no shortage of delicious delights. There are plenty of eateries that blend traditional and modern cuisines, bringing you a whole new taste of city life. If you still want more in the way of food, take one of the city’s much-loved culinary walking tours that take you around the best places to eat and explore the history of Leipzig cuisine.

For the ultimate local experience, grab some fresh ingredients from a local market and cook up a storm in one of our Leipzig apartments.

Music and Modern Art - Things to do in Leipzig

With such a colourful culture and backstory, it’s no wonder that Leipzig has plenty of things for visitors to enjoy. Our apartments in Leipzig can be found all around the city, so you can easily explore everything it has to offer.

Leipzig Apartments – Leipzig Accommodation

Leipzig Accommodation

Just like its eclectic cultural and foodie scenes, Leipzig accommodation offers a bit of everything, from grand, luxury hotels, to trendy hostels and quaint guesthouses. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing spa vacation or an urban city break, there’s an accommodation to fit your needs. There are a whole host of city apartments, too, which offer a different perspective to local city life.

Landing in Leipzig - Getting to the City Centre from the Airport

The Leipzig/Halle Airport is situated close to the city centre, which means it’s easy to get to your final destination. A new airport shuttle has been put into place, which travels from all the terminals right into the city centre. Shuttles leave at regular intervals throughout the day and offer a quick, cheap way to get into the city. Alternatively, there is a local bus service that takes slightly longer than the shuttle but is cheaper. It gives you the opportunity to see more of the local life in Leipzig as you come into the city. There are train services, too, that leave from the airport station and travel to Leipzig’s main train station.

Once in Leipzig it’s really easy to navigate your way around all the major attractions and sights. For the most part, you can walk from hotspot to hotspot, but there’s also the option to hop on a local bus to make your journey quicker. Lots of visitors opt to hire bikes during their stay so they can explore the city at their own pace.

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