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Apartments in Miami Beach – Budget Rentals

Miami is glamour personified. On the surface it’s a city filled with sophisticated architecture, high-end shops, classy bars, and white cube galleries on every corner. Even the people ooze glamour, with designer-clad locals rushing from one hotspot to another and smartly dressed businessmen calls the shots. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find a city filled with personality, grabbing at snapshots of life from all over the world. You might find a book reading set inside a renovated warehouse, a Spanish karaoke night at the local bar, or a market filled with curiosities from Cuba and beyond. All of this is set against a mind-blowing backdrop of fiery orange sunsets, endless calm waters, and a beach that seems to trundle on forever. Yes, Miami is glamorous, but it’s so much more than that, too. Our Miami Beach apartments will help you unlock the charm of the city, opening up new worlds below its picture-perfect surface.

Palm-Lined Boulevards and Unique Islands – Things to do in Miami Beach

We have a range of apartments in Miami Beach that span all the neighbourhoods and are situated close to all the major attractions. They offer a range of different perspectives to the city, depending on which aspect you want to explore.

The Best Beaches of Miami Beach

Miami Beach is famed for its long stretches of sandy coastline, which is one of the biggest draws for tourists visiting the area. Along its glistening shores, there are a number of beaches to enjoy, all of which offer a glamorous backdrop of clear waters and sophisticated architecture.

Lummus Park, which is set along Ocean Drive, is one of the classiest hotspots on this stretch of beach, and its vibrant atmosphere bustles with friendly locals and glistening beach bodies. Whilst much of Miami Beach is renowned for its surf scene, Haulover Beach is perhaps the best for any watersports enthusiast, whilst the Oleta River State Park is reserved for a more laidback experience, characterised by hordes of fishermen and keen boaters. For incredible views, hotfoot it to South Pointe Park, and don’t forget to check out Miami Beach’s main stretches of sand, the North, Mid, and South beaches, each of which have their own lively personality, cafes, and crowds of rollerbladers.

Miami Beach apartments – Miami Beach Accommodation

Miami Beach Accommodation

With white sand beaches filled with well-heeled visitors and a nod towards the celebrity lifestyle, Miami Beach is a popular destination for those on the hunt for a spot of luxury. Throughout the sprawling area, Miami Beach accommodation offers high-rise hotels that cater to an extravagant audience, as well as smaller, intimate hostels that offer a more affordable way to see the city. If the independent lifestyle is more your cup of tea, then the selection of holiday apartments on offer are a good bet – providing a personalised experience to this once-in-a-lifetime stay.

Moving Around Miami – Public Transport

Thanks to its huge popularity with tourists, Miami Beach has a range of efficient public transport services that travel around the city and connect our Miami Beach apartments to the major landmarks. Whether you’re looking to get quickly from one place to another, or explore the city from a different perspective, there’s a form of transport for you. The South Beach Local bus runs a circular route around the area and offers one of the best and cheapest ways to get a complete oversight of the South Beach area. Alternatively, the new free trolley service aims to offer visitors a quick and easy way to get from one place to another. The service is reliable and regular, and offers a budget-friendly complement to the public transport systems that are already in place.

As well as these methods of transport, which are often favoured by tourists for an insight into local life, you can easily hawk taxis from all over town. Taxi ranks pop up around every corner and fares are reasonable. One of the best ways to explore the area is on foot, though, giving you ample opportunity to explore the nooks and crannies of the region. You might even want to hire a bike or get yourself some rollerblades and do as the locals do.

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