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Museo Archeologico 22 Apartments
Duomo di Napoli 13 Apartments
Castel dell'Ovo 13 Apartments
Piazza del Plebiscito 12 Apartments
Castel Nuovo 12 Apartments
Teatro San Carlo 11 Apartments
Museo di Capodimonte 3 Apartments
San Paolo 3 Apartments

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Our apartments Naples, Italy have a valuation of 4.1 over 5 based on 234 opinions. Book your apartment from US$45 / night.

Apartments in Naples – Cheap Holiday Studios

Naples is the third largest city in Italy and stows away a wealth of art and culture. At the heart of the city, the historic centre boasts UNESCO World Heritage status, whilst the handful of top-notch museums serve up some of the world’s best art and archaeology. Mix this together with the bewitching array of architecture, from ornate palaces to old, ramshackle castles, and you have a fairytale city bursting with rich stories and sights. It’s not just visual treats that Naples has in offer, either. It’s one of the most delicious cities in Italy, serving up a mouth-watering collection of authentic dishes, like thin-based pizzas, thick, creamy pastas, and coffee that will kick start your day. Naples is undoubtedly a masterpiece of a destination with a treat for all the senses. Indulge your senses in one of our apartments in Naples, from boutique studios in the historic centre to luxury flats overlooking intricate architecture.

Cathedrals and Castles - Things to do in Naples

Our Naples apartments can be found dotted throughout the city, many of which are in and around the popular areas listed above.

Naples apartments – Naples Accommodation

Naples Accommodation

Naples’ skyline features a flurry of ornate spires and impressive architectural structures. Amongst all this, deep within the old winding streets, there is an array of boutique hotels that ooze Italian charm. Naples accommodation also includes a number of designer hostels that are largely reserved for the trend of young, stylish visitors, and independent holiday apartments that offer a cheap and intimate way to explore the city. Wherever you choose to stay, the grandiose atmosphere of Naples is evident in the luxurious style and fashionable nuances.

The Rich Coffee Culture of Naples

It’s common knowledge that Italians love their coffee, with hundreds of espresso cafes dotted throughout the country. Naples is no different, with much of the population relying on a morning caffeine kick to start their day. For the most part, locals in Naples order a small espresso to get them going, so follow suit if you want to blend in and experience coffee like the best of them.

It’s not just the popularity and necessity of coffee that makes the hot drink culture in Naples so interesting. There are also a number of customs that weave into the coffee culture which are good to know about before you go. One of the best traditions is the caffe sospeso, which refers to the act of someone paying for two coffees but only taking one. The other coffee can then be taken and drunk by someone less fortunate – someone who can’t afford to buy their own coffee.

This tradition began in the south of Italy around Naples and, whilst it may not be as apparent as it was in the past, it still goes on in the more local coffee houses. If you’re feeling generous, why not order a caffe sospeso.

We have a range of Naples apartments within walking distance of numerous authentic cafes so you can get a feel for the local coffee culture.

Navigating Naples – Getting to the City Centre From the Airport

The Airport in Naples in unusually close to the city centre, making your journey easy and cheap. There’s a shuttle bus that runs from the airport terminals to Piazza Garibaldi in the centre. It runs extremely regularly and takes about half an hour to make the journey. Alternatively, you can grab a taxi from the airport taxi rank, which will take you right to your destination for a minimal fee. Because the airport is so close and easy to get to, Naples hasn’t instilled any more options for getting to and from the airport. At the moment, it’s either the Alibus (the shuttle bus) or a taxi.

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