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Our apartments La Giralda, Seville, Spain have a valuation of 4.3 over 5 based on 75 opinions. Book your apartment from US$79 / night.

Apartments near La Giralda: a dream trip in Seville

Seville is currently experiencing an influx of tourists never seen before. The capital of Andalusia has become one of the most important centres of interest in Spain, because of its rich, and spectacular old town, the largest one in the country, which contains countless historical wonders. In addition to this patrimonial richness there are diverse cultural and scenic attractions that give contemporaneity to the historical past.

The most iconic building in Seville is probably its cathedral, called Santa María de la Sede de Sevilla. It is world largest gothic Christian cathedrals of the world For this reason, as well as for its impressive architecture and ornamentation, it is considered a World Heritage Site and a Site of Outstanding Universal Value by Unesco. In the cathedral of Seville lie the remains of Christopher Columbus, in addition to those of several kings of Castile. The construction of this huge church began around 1400 over the remains of an ancient mosque from the twelfth century, of which the tower from where the Muslims used to pray is preserved. This is known as a minaret, and the one that remained standing, as part of the cathedral of Seville is known as "the Giralda".

The Giralda is a really impressive construction of one hundred meters high. Currently, it operates as the bell tower of the Cathedral of Santa María. It is a tall tower that has several very different bodies due to its complex history and the influence of the different cultures that passed through Seville. It has 24 bells, which makes the cathedral of Seville the Spanish cathedral with the largest number of bells. Only the lower part of the tower, the first fifty meters, corresponds to the original minaret of the Almohad period. The upper part was added later to fulfil its new service. During the whole process of recapturing Seville, it was normal that in the old mosques consecrated as Christian temples were built bell towers on the minarets. The Giralda means "that it turns". It takes its name from "the Giraldillo", a bronze statue created by Bartolomé Morel that works as a vane and is placed on top of this tower. The sculpture is 3.5 meters high and weighs 1300 kg. It represents the victory of the Christian Faith (this, in fact, was its original name). It dates from between 1566 and 1568, the year in which it was placed.

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Accommodation near La Giralda

Seville is one of the most visited cities in Spain. Tourists can rent all kinds of accommodation. There are luxury hotels, simple hotels, and hostels for young people who have no problem with sharing a room with other travellers, bed & breakfast, and boarding houses. However, there is a new trend in international tourism, which is proving to be the best option for those who enjoy having privacy, enjoying their own private space, and independence. Renting your own apartment. If you want to get the most out of your stay in Seville, there is no better option than renting an apartment in the area of La Giralda. It is a central area of the city from where you can also walk or use public transport to see other shocking wonders of this city full of history and culture. When you rent your own apartment, you have all the space for you and for those traveling with you. Forget about breakfast or reception hour as in most hotels, and enjoy your holidays at your own pace. Hostels are usually noisy and you must share a room, bathroom, and common spaces. At your own apartment you will have privacy, in addition to your own fully equipped kitchen where you will be able to cook local recipes or have a few drinks. At Only-apartments we have many different apartments of all styles, and sizes depending on your budget. We have studios for those who travel alone or as a couple and have a tight budget. Whether traveling alone, as a couple or as a group, an apartment will be the ideal accommodation for your stay in Seville.

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The Cathedral of Seville is located on Avenida de la Constitución. To get there by underground, the best option is to take line 1. The nearest station is Puerta de Jerez. If you take a bus, you can take lines C4, C3, 5, 41, 42, C1 and C2. The bus stop is Jardines de Cristina. By train, the nearest station is San Bernardo. If you go straight from the airport, you must take the special AE bus and get off at Jardines del Cristina stop.

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