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Our apartments Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain have a valuation of 4.2 over 5 based on 49 opinions. Book your apartment from US$58 / night.

Apartments in Las Ramblas: Central Accommodation

Las Ramblas is located in the heart of Barcelona and is 1.2 kilometers long. Las Ramblas is part of Barcelona’s history. It has witnessed visits from presidents, poets, artists and footballers, as well as daydreamers that stop to watch the lively atmosphere. Its name originates from Arabic and means “dry riverbed”. It is referred to as Ramblas and not la Rambla, even though it is a long avenue that starts at Plaza de Cataluña and finishes next to the Mediterranean. Originally it was a stream of water that flowed around the medieval wall of the city. It had four gates: Trentaclaus, Boquería, Santa Ana and Portaferrissa. In the 19th century the wall was demolished and Las Ramblas was developed into a long avenue. The different areas of Las Ramblas still have different names. Today the upper part of the avenue is referred to as Rambla de los Canaletes. The next part is known as la Rambla de los Estudis, which is followed by la Rambla de las Flores and la Rambla de los Capuchinos. The avenue ends with la Rambla de Santa Mónica. You can find tourist apartments to rent on all the different parts of the avenue. This enchanting street is waiting for you! Choose the part of las Ramblas that attracts you the most – you will not regret it.

Apartments in las Ramblas - Accommodation services

Different Parts of Las Ramblas

Rambla de los Canaletes is named after the Canaletes Fountain, which was formerly located in the Tower of Saint Severus and supplied the Ramblas and Raval area with water. Today it is located close to Plaza Cataluña and is a very important place in the city. FC Barcelona victories are celebrated around the fountain. It has a plaque which reads: “If you drink water from Canaletas Fountain you will always be in love with Barcelona and, no matter how far away you go, you will always return”. So don’t forget to sample the water from the Canaletas Fountain. It is a very lively area full of shops and is ideal for taking a leisurely stroll on any day of the year.

La Rambla de los Estudios or Rambla de Los Pájaros (estudios meaning “studies” and pájaros meaning “birds”) gets its name because the University or General Study Center was located there and the bird market was close by. It is very close to the Gothic Quarter, with shops selling beautiful handicrafts and buildings that date back to the 18th century.

La Rambla de las Flores is a place worth stopping to take a look at because it is in the middle of a whole host of stalls that sell flowers and plants. La Boquería, a fantastic market, is close by.

La Rambla de Los Capuchinos – both the name and the scent make us aware that this is a place with coffee at its heart. It is also known as La Rambla del Centro and offers countless places of cultural interest. There are excellent restaurants that serve Mediterranean food.

La Rambla de Santa Mónica comes to an end where it meets with Passeig de Colom, a beautiful street that features a lookout point built in honor of Christopher Columbus, the man who discovered America. It is an ideal place to take a stroll with the sea breeze blowing in your face, enjoy a vermouth and have a carefree lunch. It is a very lively area, close to the Museum of the History of Catalonia and the famous Barceloneta area.

Accommodation in Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas has a timeless air. Contemporary and old-fashioned elements fuse together to create an exciting area of the city where art and culture enthrall visitors. Similarly, it offers a captivating selection of accommodation. The selection ranges from luxurious hotels, which have maintained a stately ambiance, to traditional guesthouses. There are also inexpensive hostels for young people that are close to the party scene. For those of you that are city dwellers who also like to have some independence, apartments, B&B’s, flats and studios are ideal. They are equipped with everything that you may need. In addition, most of the apartments are located close to the main points of interest and have a characteristic style that is in keeping with the city’s good taste.

Places to Visit on Las Ramblas

Apartments in Las Ramblas are in high demand so booking in advance is recommended.

How to Get to Las Ramblas

El Prat Airport is 15.3 kilometers away from Plaza de Cataluña. The Aerobus service takes 30 minutes to get to Plaza Cataluña, depending on the traffic. It runs 365 days a year and leaves every five minutes. It costs €5.90, and you can buy tickets online. If you have a lot of luggage, the best option is to take a taxi from any of the terminals. The taxi price is regulated.

If freedom of movement is vital to your trip, there are car rental companies inside the airport.

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