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Piazza Navona 47 Apartments
Musei Vaticani 40 Apartments
Stazione Termini 21 Apartments
Fontana di Trevi 20 Apartments
Palazzo del Quirinale 13 Apartments
Piazza di Spagna 9 Apartments
Piazza Venezia 7 Apartments

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Apartments in the Pantheon Area: Accommodation Fit for Gods

The Agrippa Pantheon, or Rome Pantheon, is a temple that represents the cosmogony of a society that used devotion and beliefs as a driving force for the development of art and culture. It was built by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa in 27 BC and was subsequently rebuilt by Hadrian on top of the ruins that remained after the fire of 80 AD. In 609 AD the Byzantine Emperor Phocas, the sovereign of Rome, gave it to Pope Boniface VI who converted it into the Santa Maria ad Martyres Church. The skeletal remains of the martyrs were transferred to this church from the dungeons and it was consecrated to the purification of the city of Rome.

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The word Pantheon is of Greek origin and means “all the Gods”. According to studies, the original building did not bear a lot of resemblance to the current building. The vault was rectangular rather than circular, as it had to reflect the strength of the Roman Empire and the emperor. The orientation of the building also changed and the main façade now faces north. A square was built in front of the temple with porticoes on three of its sides. The Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage is responsible for maintaining this architectural gem, in spite of the fact that it is a church and is dependent on the Vatican.

UNESCO declared the historic center of Rome and the Pantheon World Heritage sites in 1980.

Pentecost is one of the typical rites that are celebrated in the Pantheon. On June 8th, red rose petals are dropped from the oculus of the building while the choir sings “Veni Creator Spiritus”. It is an amazing sight.

If you visit the Pantheon, you will need to be patient as there are always many visitors and you may need to wait to enter. Inside the Pantheon you are not permitted to take photographs, talk loudly, sit on the floor, lean against the walls, wear unsuitable clothing or use your telephone. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 8.30am until 7.30pm and on Sunday from 9.00am until 6.00pm. When you come out of the Pantheon you can take a seat on a terrace on Plaza Rotonda and have a coffee.

If you are staying close to the Pantheon for the summer solstice, which takes place on the June 21st at 12.00pm, make sure you visit this wonderful monument. You will have the opportunity to see the interior of the building lit by the sun’s shining rays. This effect is proof of how advanced astronomy was in ancient times.

Accommodation Close to the Pantheon

Taking a stroll in the Pantheon area means immersing yourself in the history of mankind, beliefs and power and taking in the beauty and perfection that man is capable of creating. There are various types of accommodation around the Pantheon, which rank among the best that Rome has to offer. There is a wide variety of hotels to choose from depending on your budget and preferences, although hotels in this area tend to be expensive. If you are looking for more economical options we would recommend taking a look at our list of apartments in Rome, particularly those close to the Pantheon. These modern, well-kept apartments are equipped with Wi-Fi and have very tasteful decor. We also have some studios and B&Bs that are very well connected to the rest of the city and affordable. They offer spectacular views of the area.

Also available are hostels and boarding houses that are located all over the city, which offer very reasonably priced accommodation for young people. So the decision is yours, depending on your budget.

Places Close to the Pantheon

If you want to take a trip through Roman culture, the best thing you can do is rent an apartment close to the Pantheon. These tastefully designed apartments are well equipped and offer good connections to the rest of the city and an unbeatable location.

How to Get to the Pantheon

Leonardo da Vinci Airport (Rome-Fiumicino) is 32 kilometers away from Termini Station. Buses leave every 20 minutes; the trip takes approximately 30 minutes depending on the traffic and costs €4. At Termini you can take a taxi, the No.64 or No. 492 bus. Both buses drop you off at the Argentina stop. Taxis from Fiumicino to Rome cost €48 and you can take them from any of the terminals. All of the international car rental companies have counters at the airport, in case you wish to visit Rome at your own pace.

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