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Our apartments Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy have a valuation of 4.3 over 5 based on 672 opinions. Book your apartment from US$96 / night.

Apartments near Piazza Navona: An unforgettable stay in Rome

Rome is incomparable to any other city for many reasons, but its major attraction is its enormous cultural and archaeological heritage. It is considered the city with the highest concentration of historical and architectural assets in the world. Its influence as capital of the western world for a long time is really overwhelming, in cultural, linguistic, social, philosophical, and artistic terms. With its indisputable prominence in European history, the treasures that can be found in Rome can not be found anywhere else. Within the many touristic attractions in Rome, Piazza Navona is one of the most recognisable. Within it, there are several ancient fountains and monuments. It is a a meeting point for locals and tourists because of its location, and its characteristics.

It is located in what was formerly the Stadium of Domiciano a playground of the first century that had capacity for about 30 thousand spectators, of which the shape is still preserved. In the Domitian stadium, sports events, and other multitudinous events used to take place, such as at least, one martyrdom. In the north area of the square, you can still see some remains of what was the original stadium, below street level.

The transformation of this space into a square was due to the influence of the urban pope Inocencio X and the Panfili family. The square is unique for being a large open space in the centre of the bustling city of Rome. The Fountain of Bernini "dei Quattro Fiumi" (or "of the Four Rivers", in English) is located in the centre. The fountain represents the longest rivers of the four continents that the Europeans knew at the time it was made: the Ganges (in Asia), the Nile (in Africa), the Danube (in Europe), and the Silver (In America). Alongside the rivers, a complex representation of the flora, and fauna associated with them can be seen in the fountain. In addition to this fountain, there are two others on this square: the Fontana di Nettuno, and the Fontana del Moro, both designed by Giacomo della Porta. Also, on the Piazza Navona there is the church of Santa Inés in Agonía, the Palazzo Pamphili and many other must-see monuments.

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For its monumental wealth, its urban beauty, its gastronomic culture and its historical value, Rome is one of the most tourist cities in the world. Therefore, it has a large number of accommodation options for its millions of annual visitors. In Rome you can find high profile hotels, pensions, youth hostels, and bed and breakfasts. All these accommodations have their pros and cons: the hostels are cheaper but the rooms, bathrooms and other common places are shared, besides that they can be quite noisy; hotels have more privacy, but you will depend on a structure of reception hours, breakfast, check in, check out and cleaning service, plus you will not have cooking facilities. The best option for those who want to live Rome as Roman, with independence, privacy and the possibility of cooking a rich pasta, is to rent an apartment. At Only-apartments we have many different apartments with different sizes, all of them fully furnished and equipped, ready for your arrival. Whether it's a studio for a single traveller or a couple, or a multi-room apartment for a large family or a group of friends, we have what you need to stay. A tip: we recommend you go to a local market and buy fresh ingredients. If one day you want to eat at home, you can use the kitchen of your apartment to prepare tasty pasta in the best Roman style. If you do not know any recipe, take some advice from any place: they love good food and will guide you. One of the best areas of the city is in the area of Piazza Navona. You can reach several of the main tourist attractions of the "eternal city" on foot from your apartment. Rent an apartment near Piazza Navona and make the most of your stay in Rome.

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The Piazza Navona is located in a central area of Rome, making it easy to reach from other tourist attractions, either on foot or by public transport. A large number of buses arrive at Piazza Navona: 46, 62, 63, 64, 70, 81, 87, 116, 204, 280, 492, 628, 630, 780, 916.

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