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Our apartments Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy have a valuation of 4.1 over 5 based on 165 opinions. Book your apartment from US$52 / night.

Apartments near Ponte Vecchio: the most picturesque area of Florence

The Ponte Vecchio (literally "Old Bridge" in Italian) is one of the most iconic points of the splendid city of Florence. Under this medieval work run the waters of the Arno, the river that crosses the capital of Tuscany, at its narrowest point. This city is not only a landmark of Italian medieval history, but also the very cradle of the Renaissance. Get lost in its streets and landscapes of the city to live a unique experience. Renting an apartment near Ponte Vecchio in Florence is, perhaps, one of the best ways to enjoy this absolutely unique city in the world.

The image of the bridge is easily recognizable by the three beautiful arches, and by the numerous shops on it. During your stay in Florence, it is essential that you spend at least a few hours walking around this iconic bridge. Most of the businesses that operate on it are jewelleries, so the precious objects that you will see there will also be beautiful.

The Ponte Vecchio, both day and after dark, offers some of the best views of Italy. If you rent an apartment in the area near this beautiful structure, you can take unparalleled photographs and save a movie landscape in your memory.

Apartments near Ponte Vecchio - Places to visit near Ponte Vecchio

Accommodation near Ponte Vecchio

Florence is a special city because of the number of tourists it hosts every year. If you want to live a different experience, we recommend you avoid the typical hotels or hostels full of people. If you rent an apartment in Florence it will give you the perfect freedom to enjoy this city. After a day strolling in front of the most representative works and monuments of Italy, you will be able to enjoy, and relax in your own fully equipped apartment, where you can eat some delicious pasta looking at the landscape of the city.

In Only-apartments we have flats, studios and apartments of all sizes, different styles and, locations. The apartments are fully equipped so that you can get the most out of your stay in Florence, and enjoy the most picturesque part of the city at your own pace.

Places to visit near Ponte Vecchio

As a city so full of great artists, patrons, architects and important historic characters, there is always something to see in every corner of Florence. If you stay in an apartment near the Ponte Vecchio, just to go for a walk to run into all the wonderful images. However, there are things that you can not miss during your visit to Florence. It is not only the great treasures of the city, but also some of the most important attractions in Italy and Europe. Here we present a summary of the most important:

How to get to Ponte Vecchio

To get there by public transport from Florence airport, you must take two buses: the R003 from Firenze-Peretola to the Porta a Prato stop and then take the C3 bus towards Piazza Beccaria from Leopolda to Bardi. The trip will take half an hour.

From the Santa Maria Novella central train station, take the D line from Stazione Galleria to Bardi, a few meters from Ponte Vecchio. This bus trip will take about ten minutes. If you prefer to travel by taxi, the estimated time is similar.

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