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Our apartments Palermo, Italy have a valuation of 4 over 5 based on 146 opinions. Book your apartment from US$45 / night.

Apartments in Palermo – Cheap Luxury Studios

Palermo, Sicily’s primary city, is a city with many sides. Filled with an eclectic mix of design styles that weave their way through a history dappled with numerous invasions and rulers, and boasting a hotbed of unique Italian culture, it offers something new around every corner. To dip into the authentic side of Palermo, stroll through the Old City, a mishmash of narrow laneways characterised by rustic architecture and local cafes. Amidst the concoction of museums, churches, and cosy restaurants you’ll glimpse a city that’s been through a lot. Today, it’s come out on top, though, providing a postcard-perfect hotspot bursting with Italian charm, mesmerising beauty, and fascinating locals. See the city from every side with one of our apartments in Palermo. Browse through our expansive collection of budget accommodation and boutique rentals that ooze the charm and character of this whimsical city.

Palermo Apartments – Palermo Accommodation

Palermo’s Partial to Some Street Food

Like most Italian cities, Palermo is a big foodie hotspot, sporting a rich cuisine steeped in tradition and fresh flavours. You’ll find much of the Italian staples in most restaurants, from pizzas dripping with local ingredients to pastas baked in creamy sauces, but you’ll also discover a few flavours you might not have heard before.

To delve a little deeper into Palermo’s food scene, ditch the restaurants and get outside because lots of the local dishes are served up from street stalls that burst with mouth-watering smells. To ease yourself in, order Cannoli, which are cone shaped ricotta-stuffed treats that you can find on almost every corner. Some people say that Palermo does them best, so make sure you leave some room for a couple of these treats a day.

If you’re feeling more adventurous then you can branch out and try milza, which is basically a spleen sandwich. It doesn’t sound that appetising, but it’s a real speciality amongst the streets of Palermo. Loads of street vendors sell them from bustling roadside stalls so, if you’re feeling brave, get stuck in.

Live the local life in one of our Palermo apartments, the perfect base for exploring everything the city has to offer – including the delicious, and sometimes unusual, food scene.

Palermo Accommodation

Palermo basks in the historic personality of Italy, showcasing amazing ruins and a laidback lifestyle that has flourished for centuries. Surrounding the picturesque scenes of the city, Palermo accommodation caters to every kind of traveller. There are plush hotels that overlook age-old churches and offer luxurious décor in line with Italy’s charm, as well as cheap hostels that are just moments from delicious eateries and bars, and city centre holiday apartments that offer visitors the chance to explore the city from a different perspective. Whatever kind of traveller you are, there’s somewhere for you to stay in Palermo.

Humble Histories and Picturesque Palazzos - Things to do in Palermo

Scroll through our Palermo apartments to find the perfect place to stay. We have accommodation all throughout the city, including the areas listed above.

Putting Palermo on the Map – Getting in and Around the City

The easiest way to get from the airport into the centre of Palermo is by bus. Services leave from the airport every half an hour and take you to Politeama, the square outside the main city train station. The journey takes around forty-five minutes, but during times of heavy traffic this can be extended. Alternatively, you can hop on a train from the airport to the main train station. There’s a train service that leaves every hour or so, but the journey can take up to an hour (and sometimes even longer), hence why it’s better to catch the bus. If you’re in a hurry you can grab a taxi, though it’s commonly considered an overpriced method of transport, especially for tourists who have just arrived in the city.

Once you’re in Palermo it’s pretty easy to navigate. There’s an efficient bus network that travels between all the major landmarks, and you can easily pick up daily and weekly tickets at tobacco stands and local shops to save you money. In addition, there are trains that travel from the main train station to nearby cities, opening up a number of day trips to take during your stay.

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