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Our apartments Poros, Greece have a valuation of 7.9 over 10 based upon 1 opinions. Book your apartment from 25EUR/ night.
A vacation or travelling to an island is always a special feeling, especially for those who are not lucky enough to live somewhere where the climate is nice and where they can bathe in the sea when the weather is good. That’s why go to Greece is a great idea because you can visit Mikro, Neorion and enjoy the beauty of the island in all of its essence. To make it an even more unforgettable holidays in Poros stay in an apartment will give you the comfort and flexibility that you need for your well-deserved time off. Throughout Poros we have apartments that will cater to your every need and it will make your stay a comfortable one with all the privacy you require, something that you won’t get in other types of accommodation throughout the island. Whether it’s with friends, family or a romantic getaway with your partner, you can find the right apartment for you, which will also allow you to experience the island and all of its important historical, cultural and local landmarks that you want to visit as a local, it also gives you flexibility so you can do your way
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