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Apartments in Pula – Great Accommodation Options

The collection of Roman ruins and architecture add a sense of historic charm to Pula’s otherwise commercial atmosphere. Peppered with some incredible centuries-old buildings like the amphitheatre that sits in the heart of the city, Pula has an edge over some of Croatia’s other large cities. Despite its numerous attractions, Pula manages to maintain a traditional, small town ambiance, with its cluster of authentic restaurants and its well-preserved stretch of coastline that’s filled with aromatic pine groves, cafes, and coves to kick back and relax in. Pula seems to have it all, diving deep into the region’s history whilst still managing to look ahead to the future. Catch a glimpse of it yourself from our range of apartments in Pula, where you can enjoy spectacular views and explore the Roman past of the city.

Apartments in Pula – Pula Accommodation

Preparing to Explore Pula – How to Get There

Airport Pula is situated close to the city centre, making it easy for visitors to quickly and easily get into town. From the terminals there is a dedicated airport shuttle bus that travels between Pula and other cities and resorts along this stretch of coastline. The journey is short and cheap, and you’re exposed to incredible views along the way.

You can also hop in a taxi from the airport if you’re in a hurry. The journey is quick and relatively cheap, but remember to settle on a price before you get in. A lot of people choose to hire a car from the airport and drive to Pula themselves. This gives you ample time to explore the stunning scenery as well as giving you transport to get out and about and discover the popular hotspots surrounding Pula.

But even if you don’t hire a car it’s still easy to get around once you land in Pula. Throughout the city there are plenty of taxis, but it’s likely you’ll be able to walk from one place to the next thanks to the city’s small size. There are numerous buses to the surrounding regions and hotspots that leave from the centre of the city everyday, or you can hire a private shuttle for a more personal experience.

Pula Accommodation

Pula accommodation boasts a mix of authentic guesthouses that are imbued with the city’s lengthy history and contemporary boutique hotels that tie in with Pula’s commercial and modern side. Around the amphitheatre you can find plush hotels with impressive facades as well as cosy hostels for the budget traveller. Alternatively, you can choose to stay in one of the many apartments that dot the city, where you’ll have your own space from which to explore the city and everything it has to offer.

Roman Ruins and Incredible Islands - Things to do in Pula

Pula is a small city, so all the major attractions are within walking distance of our Pula apartments.

Perfect Day Trips from Pula

Though Pula is a fascinating city itself, with plenty of things to see and do, it is also set in a region that has a range of great attractions and activities to get stuck into, whether you’re an active traveller, want to explore the natural side of Croatia, or simply want to kick back and relax on beautiful beaches. Here are some great days out from Pula.

Premantura is a popular hotspot and home to cape Kamenjak, a natural piece of art made from stone. It also harbours a remote and relatively untouched coastline which is home to multiple species of flora and fauna and has some lush seaside walks, too.

Away from the tourist crowds you’ll find Vinkuran, a quaint little fishing village with a cosy beach surrounded by pine forests. Aside from its traditional lifestyle and its authentic collection of shops and eateries, Vinkuran is also home to a stone quarry which was used to build the amphitheatre in Pula. During the summer months, sculptors work with the stone to create beautiful masterpieces.

Galizana is a must-visit for any archaeology lovers. Here, the Roman Empire has left its mark, and during the Middle Ages it was a central point for Christianity. Listen out for the locals when you’re exploring, as some of them still speak the ancient dialect which is a cross between Medieval Latin and archaic Croatian.

Come home to one of our Pula apartments after a day exploring and kick back and relax with stunning views in your own space.

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