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Our apartments Riga, Latvia have a valuation of 4.1 over 5 based on 99 opinions. Book your apartment from US$29 / night.

Apartments in Riga – Cheap Studios

With a skyline studded by wiry steeples, pointed roofs, and wide turrets, Riga is a city of visual delight. It boasts the largest collection of art nouveau architecture in Europe, painting a pastel picture of grand mansions, townhouses, and intricate churches. Grimacing gargoyles sit atop elaborate cathedrals, whilst even the blandest of buildings are jazzed up with a flurry of ornate etchings. In the centre of the city, you’ll find Riga’s castle, the centrepiece that everything flows out from. Surrounding it, a flurry of narrow, winding lanes snake off to hidden nooks and undiscovered landmarks. Riga may not be as popular as the bigger European capitals, but it certainly packs a punch. Alongside the fairytale drape of art nouveau, you’ll find a city that flourishes with contemporary style, a fleet of trendy, design-led cafes, bars, and restaurants, a handful of fascinating museums, and a hedonistic, lively nightlife. Get to know the city by staying in one of our apartments in Riga, where you can make your own fairytale amongst the picturesque backdrop.

A Museum to Suit Every Taste - Things to do in Riga

Scroll through our selection of Riga apartments, where we have a range of affordable flats and budget studios throughout the city.

Riga Apartments – Riga Accommodation

Riga Accommodation

Riga’s flourishing art and culture scene is drawing in more and more tourists every year. This influx has seen a number of designer hotels open up, as well as cheap hostels that cater to young, budget travellers eager to explore this fascinating part of Europe. Riga accommodation also extends to city centre holiday apartments and stylish studios that look out over the jutting spires and churches of Riga. The city’s emerging art scene goes hand in hand with the accommodation, which offers an affordable way to really dig into the lively culture of the city.

Dance the Night Way – The Nightlife in Riga

In between the old-world architecture and the threads of rich and fascinating history, Riga has a lively and exciting nightlife. It boasts a range of venues, from low-key pubs and specialist bars, to clubs that spill over into the small hours of the morning. Whatever kind of traveller you are, there’s a vertical of nightlife in Riga that’s perfect for you.

For a quirky backdrop try Aptieka, which translates to ‘Pharmacy’. It’s the perfect hideaway to disappear in and watch a concert or slip on your favourite tunes on the jukebox. Cuba bar is a little livelier, bringing the passionate personality of Latin America to the side streets of Riga. Here you’ll find the life and soul of the party served up with a hearty dose of rum. Laidback travellers might enjoy Folkklubs Ala Pagrabs, a bar and restaurant. Alongside a delicious menu of traditional Latvian dishes, this folk-inspired hotspot has 16 local beers on tap and a full schedule of live music throughout the week.

Then, when time is running away with you, head onto Kalku Varti, a hugely popular club filled with contemporary beats, classic drinks, and a hedonistic atmosphere. Make sure you book one of our Riga apartments so you have somewhere comfortable to rest your head before doing it all over again!

Start Your Trip to Riga the Right Way – Getting into the City

Riga Airport is close to the city centre with a number of different options for travelling in. Firstly, there’s the Bus 22 which travels from outside the airport terminals to the edge of the Old Town. Tickets are very cheap and can be bought in advance or, alternatively, purchased from the driver when you board. Expect the journey to take about 30 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

Alternatively, you can grab an Airbaltic taxi or minibus from outside the airport. There are set prices which take you to the centre of the Old Town, but you have to buy your ticket from inside the airport. You can also get a normal taxi from the taxi rank, but be wary of unmarked taxi drivers who will likely charge you a lot.

Finally, you can opt for the minibus, which leaves the airport every half an hour and has various stops along its route into the city centre. Tickets are cheap, and you can expect the journey to take around half an hour.

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