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Our apartments Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina have a valuation of 4 over 5 based on 35 opinions. Book your apartment from US$23 / night.

Apartments in Sarajevo – Budget Holiday Accommodation

Sarajevo has not had a happy past. During the 90s it was the site of mass sorrow and destruction, but today it’s a city that’s on the rise. Its rustic old centre has been restored and is now bursting with bustling cafes, guesthouses, and traditional restaurants. There are still scars from its turbulent history; bullet holes fleck some buildings, but for the most part these have been plastered over, bringing the city’s mishmash of architectural styles to the forefront once again. The city is flanked to the north and south by fuzzy mountains dotted with age-old villages, and the pocket of Sarajevo offers a modern twist on ancient lifestyles. In the winter months, the surrounding peaks make for the perfect ski backdrop, whilst the summer offers up a lively café culture, a vibrant nightlife, and plenty of outdoor adventures to try out. Explore all that the city has to offer with our Sarajevo apartments, which are nestled in and around the centre, giving you access to all the sights.

A Historic City on the Rise - Things to do in Sarajevo

Apartments in Sarajevo – Sarajevo Accommodation

The Eclectic Nightlife in Sarajevo

Despite its tumultuous past and its label as a war-torn nation, Sarajevo is home to some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. You only have to delve into the vibrant nightlife to experience the hospitality of the locals.

After tucking into a hearty dinner in the historic old centre, where you’ll dine on meat heavy dishes washed down with local beer, you can pretty much choose where you’re evening takes you. Live music fans can head to City Pub, which hosts bands and artists from a variety of different genres throughout the week. It attracts a lot of locals, and you’ll get to experience the local music scene in Sarajevo first-hand.

If you’re in the mood to dance, head to Mucha Lucha, where you’ll often find freestyle dancers throwing some shapes. Throughout the week, the venue hosts a range of top-notch DJs from around Bosnia and beyond in an attempt to get you dancing right through to the small hours of the morning – usually, it works.

For a different kind of dancing, you might want to venture to Cinemas Sloga for their salsa night. Sarajevo’s nightlife harbours a mishmash of cultures, and this South American style is one of the most popular forms of entertainment.

Whichever way you want your night to evolve, make sure you have one of our apartments in Sarajevo to go back to and get a good night’s sleep. Set in and around the city centre, you won’t have to walk far after a night of eating, drinking, dancing, and meeting the locals.

Sarajevo Accommodation

The historic appeal of Sarajevo draws in thousands of tourists every year, and Sarajevo accommodation caters to all kinds of travellers. In the centre of the small city, hidden away in the cobbled streets of the old town, there are a number of intimate guesthouses and boutique hotels that place visitors in the centre of all the action. On the outskirts, huge, contemporary hotels provide an opulent but cheap experience, and there are numerous apartments and studios for rent all over the city. Whether you’re looking to get to know Sarajevo on a personal level or simply wander around the main attractions, you’ll find the perfect place to stay.

Swooping into Sarajevo – Getting into the City

Sarajevo’s international airport Butmir is a small, quiet affair, but that means there’s no regular bus service that travels into the city centre. The best way to get into town and to our Sarajevo apartments is to book a transfer or hop in one of the taxis that wait outside the terminals. The 12km journey doesn’t take long and is cheap, but be sure to confirm a price beforehand.

Many tourists arrive in Sarajevo by train from other European destinations. The city’s train system is still under renovation after the war, but you can easily arrive from Zagreb or Budapest. There are only two trains daily that arrive from these destinations, though, so make sure your timings work out. Once you’ve arrived at the main train station, you can either hop on a bus into the centre of town or grab a taxi.

Lots of people also arrive by bus from neighbouring countries. Sarajevo has two bus stations, both of which are regularly hives of activity. The main one sits close to the train station, and offers easy transport into the centre of town via a tram or another bus service.

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