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Our apartments Syracuse, Italy have a valuation of 4 over 5 based on 11 opinions. Book your apartment from US$41 / night.

Apartments in Syracuse – Boutique Holiday Rentals

Set on the island of Sicily, Syracuse emphasises Italy’s ancient beauty. Time seems to stand still amongst the endless carpet of citrus orchards and between the ancient Greek ruins that pepper the city. At its heart, Syracuse is a flurry of traditional Italian scenes, including sprawling piazzas lined with grand, baroque architecture, and narrow laneways that tangle their way down to the seafront. At the coast, the sparkling Mediterranean waters provide a lush backdrop for the outdoor cafes and restaurants. But Syracuse isn’t a sleepy medieval city. In fact, it hums with lively atmospheres that thread though the old centre, around the vibrant street markets, and on the top-notch collection of shops and bars. Our apartments in Syracuse offer the perfect place to stay to start exploring the beautiful scenery of the city.

An Ancient Landscape - Things to do in Syracuse

The Museums and Galleries in Syracuse

Thanks to its lengthy history and rich collection of Italian traditions, Syracuse is home to a number of great museums and galleries which are all close to our Syracuse apartments. If you’re looking to get under the skin of this beautiful city, then be sure to check out some of these fascinating institutions.

The Museo delle Lacrimazione is a religious exhibition that showcases the events and stories behind the weeping Virgin statue. Situated beneath the Santuario della Madonna delle Lacrime, you can also wander amongst the 5,000 terracotta votive statues. As an age-old archaeological museum, there’s also the opportunity to view the excavations in the Piazza della Vittoria from just outside.

Syracuse is famed for its production of papyrus paper, and the Galleria Bellomo is dedicated solely to this craft. Located near the famous Fontana Aretusa, the gallery is home to a collection of paper products made from papyrus, including greeting cards, notebooks, bookmarks, and more. It’s a great place to discover the beauty of papyrus paper and buy yourself a souvenir in the process.

Also close to the Fontana Aretusa is the Galleria Regionale di Palazzo Bellomo, which is located inside an impressive 13th Century palace built in a Catalan-Gothic style. Here, there are a number of exhibitions that display stonework and ceramics from the early Byzantine and Norman eras, as well as a large selection of religious artworks.

Though it’s considered a modern museum, the Museo Archeologico Paolo Orsi showcases the city’s most fascinating archaeological collections. Running through four sections, the museum takes you through Syracuse’s history, from its development up until the late Roman period.

Apartments in Syracuse – Syracuse Accommodation

Syracuse Accommodation

Set on the picturesque island of Sicily, Syracuse boasts both an ancient narrative as well as a lively, contemporary scene. Syracuse accommodation reflects this mix of personalities, offering charming Italian guesthouses tucked away down tangled streets as well as stylish, modern hotels that provide unrivalled Italian hospitality and a great range of high-end facilities. Elsewhere, low-key hostels proffer a cheaper stay, and holiday apartments overlook the stunning scenery of the region as well as the jutting spires of the city. Wherever you choose to stay, Syracuse will surprise you around every twist and turn.

Archimedes and Syracuse’s Greek History

Many people argue that Syracuse has better Greek ruins than Greece itself, and you can see the ancient landmarks dotted around the city and in the natural scenery that surrounds it. For many years, the Greeks reigned over part of Sicily, including Syracuse, which is where Archimedes, the famous mathematician, was born.

The most famous ancient Greek landmark in the city is the ‘valley of the temples’, which is an homage to seven Greek deities, each one immortalised in its own temple. The ancient Greek’s reign of Syracuse didn’t end until the Romans intervened in 214BC, when the city went under siege.

Thanks to Archimede’s war inventions, the city managed to put up a stoical fight for a long time. Archimede’s claw invention was a particular help, which pulled Roman ships out of the sea and sank them. But regardless of the brave battle that Syracuse put up, the Romans eventually won and Archimede’s was killed.

Archimede’s famous last words, “Don’t disturb my circles,” were caught on the sea breeze as a Roman minder, who was ordered not to kill the mathematician, disobeyed his superiors and killed him anyway.

Getting into Syracuse

Syracuse is serviced by Catania Airport, which is about an hour’s drive from the city centre and our Syracuse apartments. From the terminals you can hop on a bus that travels direct between the airport and Syracuse, which takes just over an hour and is the cheapest way to get into town. Alternatively, you can hop in a taxi, which takes less time than the bus, but costs a little bit more.

There is also an efficient train service that runs from the centre of Catania into Syracuse, but there’s the added time of getting into Catania from the airport. The trains are often slower than the buses as they make a lot of stops along the way. There is also the option to take a long-distance train from Rome, but this can take around ten hours.

Once you’re in Syracuse, it’s easy to get around by foot as all the major attractions are within easy walking distance of each other.

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