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Apartments in Verona – Cheap Holiday Rentals

Verona is known for being the setting of Romeo and Juliet, and it’s for good reason that Shakespeare placed his star-crossed lovers in this romantic and ancient city. Verona boasts a rich, lengthy history that spans back thousands of years to when the city was one of the most important trade centres and was peppered with grand buildings. Today, these grand buildings are reminders of its past. The ancient gates, the grand Roman arena, and the forum are popular attractions in the city and provide an age-old insight into the timeline of Verona. As well as hosting a heavily historical narrative, Verona is also well-placed in the twenty-first century. Though it might not be as contemporary as other Italian cities, it’s still home to a thriving atmosphere filled with top-notch restaurants, design-led bars, and cosy cafes. This mix of old and new is one of the biggest draws of the city, and our Verona apartments give you the opportunity to delve right in and explore.

Apartments in Verona – Verona Accommodation

Exploring the Districts of Verona

Like many of Italy’s major cities, Verona is made up of a collection of districts, each of which offer their own personality and set of attractions.

The Historic District is the most popular. Set right in the heart of the city it emphasises Verona’s ancient history and taps into the narratives that have run through the streets for thousands of years. At one point in time the Historic District was hidden away behind the city’s Roman walls, but today it is home to a selection of Renaissance churches, vibrant piazzas, and colourful palaces.

The Modern District offers a complete contrast to the historic centre. To the south of the city, it is dominated by the Roman Arena, but it’s also home to a range of new hotels, restaurants, and art galleries.

Fans of Romeo and Juliet will enjoy the Right Bank District, which is best-known for its role in the Shakespearean tragedy. It was home to Juliet’s house, and today you can find other major attractions like the Arena and a collection of baroque churches there.

Finally, there’s the Left Bank District, often called Veronetta. Situated to the north of the city, the district plays host to the famous Teatro Romano, which is flanked by the lush greenery of the San Piertro hill. This area is predominantly a residential area, but it provides the perfect backdrop for an afternoon stroll thanks to its narrow, winding streets, and handful of local bars.

Verona Accommodation

Cultural Verona is a haven for history and literature lovers, but it also offers a fantastic selection of accommodation options. Inside this beautiful, traditionally Italian city, you’ll be greeted by ornate hotels that harbour exquisite décor and excellent services, as well as lively hostels that give a glimpse into the youthful side of the city. Verona accommodation also includes a collection of top-notch apartments for rent that provide a laidback holiday atmosphere in the middle of all the action. For a more traditional experience, check into one of the authentic guesthouses and live like a local during your stay.

Piazzas and Palaces - Things to do in Verona

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