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Prague area 432 Apartments
South Bohemian Region 20 Apartments
Karlovy Vary Region 20 Apartments
Liberec Region 17 Apartments
Plzeň Region 3 Apartments


Prague 432 Apartments
Karlovy Vary 7 Apartments
Lipno nad Vltavou 7 Apartments
Jáchymov 5 Apartments
Vysoké nad Jizerou 4 Apartments
Frymburk 4 Apartments
Brno 4 Apartments

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Our apartments Czech Republic have a valuation of 4 over 5 based on 675 opinions. Book your apartment from US$58 / night.
The Czech Republic is a flourishing destination on the Continent. A romantic and historic country if ever there was one, its most emblematic jewel is Prague, the capital and home to a large part of the country’s art and culture. Its old historic centre is a World Heritage Site. The Czech Republic has ideal conditions for mountaineering, given the variety of its natural landscapes. Other cities, such as Brno, are notable for their flagship architecture, while Cesky Krumlov has a Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque landscape that delights even the most demanding of tastes.
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