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Apartments in Athens – Best Holiday Rentals

The Greek capital is a city that shows its ancient past with pride thanks to having some of the most famous and important architectonic works in history. Its temples, squares and hills give way to some relaxing time in beautiful parks or sampling the exquisite Greek cuisine. One must not confuse its melancholy with decadence in a city that will hardly reach the heights it had 2500 years ago. However, if you rent apartments in Athens you will discover a city that will fascinate all five senses.

Essential Athens

The Acropolis is the most important place to visit in the city. This complex, which is a World Heritage Site, is located at the top of a hill overlooking the city and contains the famous Parthenon, not just the symbol of the city but of the whole of Greece; the temples of Athena Nike, Erectheion and the Propylea. Back down in the city, Syntagma Square is the heartbeat of the city, with a nearby market where you can buy everything you can think of, including food and clothes; The Ancient Agora or the Temple of Zeus are also of great historical value, as is the old Olympic Stadium, which held the 1896 Olympic Games, the first ones of the modern era. Regarding the cuisine, don’t leave Athens without trying the souvlaki and uzo, the traditional dish and spirit respectively of Greece. Also, good value for entertainment is the hourly change of guard in front of Parliament..

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The districts of Athens

Up the top of the hill is the Acropolis with a stunning view of the city along with all the ancient monuments. At the foot of the Acropolis are Monastiraki and Plaka, historical districts with charming restaurants and shops that are surrounded by 19th-century stately homes, a beautiful place to find cheap apartments in Athens.Syntagma is the area where all the commercial activity develops and where there’s the most hustle, although Omonia, the student quarter, gives it a run for its money, although if you venture there at night you will want to keep your eyes open. Piraeus is the port of the city and it’s located just a few miles from the city centre.

When to visit Athens

Since you have to be in the open air a lot of the time visiting ancient ruins, doing it with temperatures around 100ºF isn’t ideal and can be quite uncomfortable. Because it’s so hot in summer, it’s advisable to come in April or May or September and October, when you can breathe a bit more and there are less tourists.In Athens, rain is almost non-existent all year long thanks to its arid Mediterranean climate and in winter temperatures rarely venture below 50ºF.

Getting around in Athens

You can get to Athens by plane from its airport or by train from Northern Greece. During your holidays in Athens you can take ferries to the Greek Islands or to Italy from Patra, a couple of hours west of the city. Inside Athens, the best way to get around is with its metro and although the signs can be in Greek, they are also in the western alphabet, which makes it a lot easier than travelling by bus or tram.

Festivals in Athens

The Greek Festival takes place from June to August in various theatres in Athens, modern and ancient, and they exhibit performances with music, dance, modern and ancient drama, opera, ballet, jazz and classical music among others. Also of great value is the Traditional Greek Dancing Performances offered by the Dora Stratou Theatre from May to October.

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