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Bucharest Apartments

Bucharest is a city still recovering from its communist times, currently experiencing an advanced metamorphosis and its face is rapidly changing. The Romanian capital is a perfect place for travelling to if you’re interested in history because the mix of old and new is something that is quickly fading in former countries from the Eastern Block and a characteristic that gives Bucharest its charm. Why not set out and discover a destination off the beaten track and rent apartments in Bucharest for a few days and witness its transformation first hand.

Things to see in Bucharest

One of Bucharest’s most notable landmarks is the Parliament Palace, although its construction is relatively new. Built in 1984 by order of former president Nicolae Ceausescu, it’s the largest Parliament in the world with 12 floors and more than 3000 rooms. If you fancy something a little bit more original, visit the historical district of Lipscani, with its narrow cobbled streets and charming little centre with shops and bars. Bucharest also has many museums but a highly-recommended visit is the open-air Village Museum. For something completely different during your stay in cheap apartments in Bucharest, visit the Escape Rooms, a place where you are locked in and where you have 60 minutes to get out by solving puzzles and using your brain.

Day trips from Bucharest

Romania has some beautiful places to visit outside the big capital. Start by going to the town of Snagov, some 15 minutes by car outside the city where you can enjoy beaches and a lake, in the middle of which is an island with the tomb of Vlad ‘The Impaler’. Visit Peles Castle in Sinaia or even the city of Constanta just over 3 hours away in a modern bus.

When to visit Bucharest

Like most Eastern European countries, Romania is a place that can get pretty cold in winter and not in a cosy way. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to come to Bucharest in spring or summer, when the temperatures drift around 20ºC and the city can be enjoyed in sunshine. The ideal time would be from May until June or July and then for September and October. Only come in August if you can handle blazing hot sun and temperatures close to 30ºC.

Bucharest apartments – Bucharest Accommodation

Get around Bucharest

Many low-cost airlines fly to Bucharest from Western European countries into its international airport, as well as other airlines from all important European airports. Due to its location, Bucharest is also well connected by train with all major cities in Central and Eastern Europe. Once inside the city, the metro is perhaps the best way to get around since buses and trolleybuses can be quite confusing. Be aware of taxi scams during your holidays in Bucharest. Use it only if you need it and pre-book it if you can.

Festivals in Bucharest

Bucharest’s newly-acquired Western status is still in its early days, which is why there isn’t a huge amount of established festivals. One that does enjoy international recognition is the George Enescu Festival, a classical music festival that takes place in September, with concerts of piano, cello and violin among others. If you fancy something more modern in terms of music, B’ESTFEST brings some big names of the music scene in July to the city. There is also an International Film Festival in the month of April.

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