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Cordoba Apartments

Cordoba is one of Andalucia’s gems and one of the greatest cities to explore Spain’s Islamic legacy. The charm that Cordoba has is hard to describe in words and easy to see once you are there, so much so that this city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The old capital of Al-Andalus, Cordoba’s beauty is in its little streets, sunny squares and beautiful landmarks. If you still haven’t been there, rent apartments in Cordoba and discover one of the most wonderful cities in Europe first hand.

Cordoba apartments – Cordoba Accommodation

What to see and do in Cordoba

Cordoba’s main attractions are linked to its Islamic past. The Mosque is a building of indescribable beauty. Built in the 8th century, don’t miss out on its famous courtyard, the Patio de los naranjos with its orange trees and its Mihrab, an archway beautifully decorated with Arabic writings. If you manage to ever leave the mosque, visit the city’s Old Town and Jewish Quarter, the most charming part of town. One of the best thing about staying in cheap apartments in Cordoba is that you can enjoy the delicious Andalusian cuisine.

Cordoba’s Old Town

The Old Town of Cordoba deserves a section of its own. The Mosque is the centre of it and the narrow and cobbled streets surround it, filled with small independent shops that sell anything from textiles to jewellery as well as the inevitable souvenirs. Inside the Old Town is the Jewish District, an interesting walk where you can see the remnants of Cordoba’s Jewish past, such as the Synagogue. After a nice and enjoyable stroll, why not sit in one of its many sunny and shady squares and enjoy a nice refreshing drink, part of the culture of this part of Spain, particularly before lunch.

When to visit Cordoba

Temperatures in Southern Spain can hit 40ºC and higher in the summer, which means that life in the streets does not get going until the sun goes down. For this reason, we recommend that you visit the city in spring or in autumn, when the temperatures are more moderate but the sun still shines. If you fancy a bit of skiing, winter holidays in Cordoba are not a bad idea, as the city can serve as a stopping point from your time on the slopes.

Moving around Cordoba

There is no airport in Cordoba, and the closest one is in Seville. Cordoba is well connected by train with all major Spanish cities and it is the most advisable form of transport for getting into the city. Once inside the city, the best way to see it is by walking everywhere, as you don’t need public transport for getting from A to B because the walking distances are so reduced.

Festivals in Cordoba

Cordoba’s main festival month is May, with many events taking part throughout the city. The Feria de Cordoba is when locals party, drink, dance and enjoy themselves on the streets. A little tip is to hang around for the Festival de Patios, which is when locals open their gorgeous courtyards to visitors, one of Cordoba’s most beautiful features. And, of course, being in Andalucia means that you cannot miss Semana Santa a week before Easter, with the processions on the streets being one of Spain’s most characteristic festival traits.

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