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Apartments in Riga – Cheap Studios

Since the fall of communism, the Baltic states have emerged as not only attractive destinations but also very interesting ones. Because tourism is something relatively new here, it’s still possible to enjoy the most authentic side of these cities. This is the case of Riga, the Latvian capital, a city that has established itself as one of the most attractive in Europe and a perfect destination for families, groups of friends and couples alike. You don’t believe it? Discover it for yourself by renting apartments in Riga and come and see this wonderful city and all of its charm.

What to do in Riga

The most attractive part of Riga is definitely its old town, although the buildings that we can see with our eyes go back only as far as the late-19th or early-20th century. Its beautiful architecture is reminiscent of the great European capitals. You can’t miss its Town Square and the attractive buildings that surround it. Inside of it is the Museum of Latvia Occupation, a must-see to understand this country; the church of St Peter, from the early 13th century and the oldest in Riga; and the church of St John. In Riga Cathedral you have to see the stunning organ that it contains as well as the many art nouveau buildings that are scattered around the city. We’ve left the best for last: the Freedom Monument, a huge column that rises into the Riga skyline that commemorates its first ever independence. .

Riga Apartments – Riga Accommodation

Riga’s most interesting districts

The Old Town, known as Vecrïga is divided in two by the Daugava river and here is where most of the tourist points of interest and the cheap apartments in Riga are. The other district in Riga that is of high interest is Maskavas forštate, the Moscow or Russian District, a place that many people advise against going but whose melancholy makes it unique and worthy of a visit. Visit its Central Market and discover what life was like in Riga before the fall of communism because here, it seems that it’s still running.

When to visit Riga

There’s no ideal time to visit Riga. In summer, temperatures almost reach 70ºF and it’s easier to visit the city without the handicaps of wind, fog, rain and snow, which is what you get in winter. However, these last weather factors give the city a special charm.

Getting around Riga

Many low-cost airlines arrive at Riga Airport, so spending your holidays in Riga is a cheap way to travel. In the old town, the best way to get around its cobbled streets is by foot although to go a bit further afield, its public transport network comprised by buses, trams and trolleybuses is cheap and works well.

Festivals in Riga

The Riga City Festival is the star event in the city, bringing different types of concerts in the month of August that take place all over the city, from classical music to traditional Latvian one, alongside related events in the parks, museums and squares in the city. If you want pure traditional, though, the Latvian Song and Dance Festival takes place every five years in the month of July with the best of Latvian singing and dancing as well as exhibitions, parades and modern-music concerts from local bands.

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