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Apartments in Brussels – Budget Holiday Rentals

The beauty of Brussels lies in the fact that it’s a melting pot where the best of every nearby culture goes into it. First, it mixes Flemish and French culture and second it’s where different European cultures clash, such as the romanticism from the south and the Germanic ways of the north. All in all, it’s a place with rich culture and buildings that combine the best of all of its influences to make the ‘capital of Europe’ a modern, European and elegant destination. Rent apartments in Brussels and sample the true essence and the best of the old continent.

Apartments in Brussels – Brussels Accommodation

What to see and do in Brussels

The Grand Place or Grote Markt is the main square in the city, a square with 18th-century buildings that, lit up at night, is an unforgettable experience. Nearby is the famous Manneken Pis, a bronze statue of a boy urinating that Belgian people dress with different outfits. It is said that he represents the true spirit of the city. Even stranger is the Atomium, a sculpture made for the 1958 Universal Exhibition that symbolises the ideas of the future and universality. Food and drink in Belgium is an essential part of the trip. Don’t leave without having tried some frites with mayo, mussels, or some of the delicious dark beers in the brown bars. Perhaps you also want to visit the European Parliament, since Brussels is the home of many European institutions.

Brussels’ districts

The city centre, Bruxelles, is the oldest part of the city and where most of the tourist attractions are gathered, an excellent place to find your cheap apartments in Brussels. However, the livelier part is Ixelles, filled with restaurants, bars, clubs; the heartbeat of the city. If you want to go shopping and find something unique and charming, head towards Marolles, where you can buy in its flea market and it the lovely little shops that are scattered around there. Bohemians have their spot in Saint-Gilles, with art floating in the air and many art nouveau buildings. If you have money and you want some luxury shopping and to be seen in exclusive places, Uccle is the part Brussels you want to go to.

When to visit Brussels

Brussels is not especially known for its good weather. It rains a lot throughout the year, although a little bit less in summer, but the cold in autumn and winter gives it a romantic and magical touch. What isn’t magical is the variable weather all year round; one day it might be 75º and sunny and the next might be cold and wet. It’s a lottery.

Getting around Brussels

Brussels Airport is an intercontinental airport due to the city’s importance and you can get here from anywhere in the world. By train, there are high-speed connections with London and Paris while inside the city centre, it’s advised to visit the old town by foot and then move around with the trams or with the excellent metro system by buying the Jump Card for 1, 5 or 10 trips.

Festivals in Brussels

The Brussels Summer Festival takes place in the hot months and it brings the best of theatre, music, dance and street art. Another festival in July is the Midi Fair, a huge fair for adults and children that has been taking place since 1880 that also offers excellent food stalls with traditional Belgian food. The White Night takes place in autumn and everything is open at night; in December, the Winter Wonders come to town and set up a huge Christmas market in the city, bringing the festive spirit to Brussels.

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