Apartments in Italy

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Tuscany 3,275 Apartments
Lazio 1,852 Apartments
Sicily 1,271 Apartments
Lombardy 1,108 Apartments
Veneto 881 Apartments
Apulia 808 Apartments
Sardinia 740 Apartments
Campania 511 Apartments
Umbria 272 Apartments


Rome 1,578 Apartments
Milan 626 Apartments
Florence 527 Apartments
Venice 477 Apartments
Cortona 135 Apartments
Bibione 126 Apartments
Bologna 110 Apartments
Verona 94 Apartments

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Our apartments Italy have a valuation of 3.9 over 5 based on 9204 opinions. Book your apartment from US$61 / night.
Italy has been the cradle of great conquerors, politicians and thinkers who have left their mark on this beautiful country. Italian tourism began to develop during the Roman Republic of Lucius Junius Brutus in 509 BC. Nowadays, Rome, Florence and Venice are cities that attract the majority of tourists thanks to magnificent historical monuments including the Colosseum, the Palazzo Vecchio and the famous canals of Venice. Italy i salso remarkable thanks to its art and culture. Other fascinating cities are Turin, Milan, Naples, Perugia, Bologna, Perugia, Genoa, Sicily and Sardinia.
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