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Apartments in Krakow – The smart accommodation choice

Eastern Europe is undoubtedly one of the most fast-growing destinations in terms of popularity in the last few years, due to how cheap and interesting it is. One of the cities in the thick of this growth is Krakow, which despite not being the Polish capital, is the most beautiful city in the country. A mix of old and contemporary history, exquisite cuisine and a lively nightlife makes renting apartments in Krakow an interesting and fun experience, whether you’re travelling with your partner, family or friends.

What not to miss in Krakow

The most interesting district in Krakow is Kazimierz, which is where you can find the synagogues that remain in the city and that were reconstructed after World War II, as well as the Oskar Schindler Factory, where there’s a museum dedicated to him and what he did during the war. In the city centre you can find Stare Miasto, the old town, with its Market Square and the Basilica of St Mary. Outside the walls is Wawel Castle that is well worth a visit for its views on the hill while many people who travel to Krakow use it as a starting point to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau or the Wieliczka Salt Mines, both of which roughly an hour away by bus.

Krakow and its districts

Among the most important districts we find Stare Miasto, the old town, where most of the activity in the city is. As well as the square, its markets, restaurants and bars, you can also find gates that access the city from the walls, churches and basilicas. Kazimierz is the Jewish district that suffered so much at the hands of the Nazis in the Second World War. While it’s still finding its feet, you can sense the sadness in the air still. Wawel is the district where the castle is and it’s also a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO.

When to visit Krakow

Summertime is the best time to come to Krakow because winters are very cold and the activity on the streets diminishes due to the low temperature. With a weather that easily reaches 20ºC every day, summer brings the best out of the city. The rain is equal throughout the year os it’s no deciding factor on when to come. Enjoy cheap apartments in Krakow best when the sun is out to shine!

Krakow apartments – Krakow Accommodation

Getting around Krakow

Krakow has an airport on the outskirts of the city where low-cost airlines fly to, so it’s easy to get to from anywhere in Europe, as it is by train from most big cities in Central and Eastern Europe. Inside the city, it’s best to discover it by foot although to go to Auschwitz and Wieliczka, you can get a bus from the bus station that’s located next to the train station.

Local festivals in Krakow

One of the most outstanding events in Krakow is the Jewish Culture Festival that takes place in Kazimierz every June and July, the best time to come on holiday to Krakow. The city is also very attached to music and you can experience many festivals throughout the year, especially in summer, such as the Music Festival in Old Krakow in August, the Jazz Festival in July-August and the New Music Festival in July.

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