Apartments in the region/area of Majorca

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Apartments in the region/area of Majorca

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Palma 1 Apartment

Apartments in Mallorca – Budget Friendly Holiday Rentals

Mallorca is famed for its delightful beaches and laidback coastal living. But as well as offering sprawling sands and sparkling waters, it also boasts expansive landscapes peppered with renovated farm houses, olive groves, and historic manor houses. In the towns, there’s an age-old culture that’s coming back to life, including traditional foods taking on a new twist in modern restaurants, and galleries and museums dedicated to showcasing the heritage of the island. Elsewhere, there’s a Mediterranean charm that’s both soothing and invigorating, from the gorgeous sea views, to the winding roads that lead through tiny villages and the hidden coves that offer a little respite from the more popular stretches of sand. To make the most of your time on the island, check into one of our apartments in Mallora, which offer a relaxing and unique way to explore everything on offer.

Caves, Capes, and Castles - Things to do in Mallorca

We have a selection of Mallorca apartments dotted around the island, many of which can be found near to the major attractions. Wherever you decide to stay, you’ll have easy access to some amazing landscapes and picturesque towns.

Making Your Way Around Mallorca

Palma is the only town on the island with its own bus service. Elsewhere, there are trains that connect up different villages and coastal regions, including the antique wooden train that trundles from Palma to the high town of Soller. The best way to get around is to hire a car, so you can travel at your own pace and stop off in unusual locations along the way. It also means you can explore hidden coves and some of the lesser-known places around the island.

Apartments in Mallorca – Mallorca Accommodation

Off-Beat Things to do in Mallorca

As well as the usual list of activities like sunbathing, water sports, hiking, and biking, Mallorca is also home to a few unusual attractions that are well worth a visit if you want to explore a different side to the island. Our Mallorca apartments are a great way to see the other side of Mallorca in your own time and at your own pace.

The Coves dels Hams are an intriguing feat of nature set on the northern side of the island. Though they’re not as famous as the Coves del Drach, they are equally as spectacular, with great chambers filled with still water, craggy rock formations, and magical lighting. As well as exploring the underground cave system, you’ll also be party to a presentation accompanied by Mozart music and get to see the weird installation of dummies in a boat.

If you fancy heading upwards instead of downwards, take a ride on the Ferrocarril de Soller, an old-fashioned railway that chugs between Soller and Palma. As well as travelling in a traditional way, you’ll be exposed to incredible views as the train peaks hills and dips into lush valleys.

Then there’s the Santuari de Lluc, a monastery and pilgrimage site set in the north-west of the island. Tucked away between soaring mountains, the site paints a pretty picture and is imbued with an old-fashioned charm.

For another trip back in time, head to Ses Paisses, a Bronze Age settlement boasting unusual rock formations and a look into what life was like thousands of years ago on the island.

Finally, if you’re interested in Spanish historical heritage in general, the Fundacion Yannick y Ben Jakober is the place to go. Here, you can learn more about the cultural past of Spain in general through interactive displays and exhibits.

Mallorca Accommodation

Because of its mishmash of activities for all kinds of travellers, Mallorca accommodation has a bit of something for everyone. Alongside the beaches there are luxury hotels that rise ten or more storeys into the air, whilst self-catering apartment blocks offer spectacular views out to sea. Further inland, there are rural homestays and manor houses that offer a secluded way to explore the island and a peaceful backdrop of lush mountains and dipping valleys. In the towns, there are cute guesthouses perfect for getting to know Mallorca on a deeper level, hostels for budget-minded travellers, and plenty of spacious apartments to kick back and relax in.

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