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Faro District 1,331 Apartments
Lisbon area 1,265 Apartments
Porto District 458 Apartments
Madeira 363 Apartments
Leiria District 102 Apartments
Setubal 96 Apartments
Coimbra District 63 Apartments
Azores 50 Apartments


Lisbon 1,082 Apartments
Porto 371 Apartments
Albufeira 279 Apartments
Quarteira 221 Apartments
Funchal 208 Apartments
Lagos 148 Apartments
Portimão 146 Apartments
Carvoeiro 59 Apartments

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Our apartments Portugal have a valuation of 3.9 over 5 based on 3259 opinions. Book your apartment from US$68 / night.
Lively culture, sweeping landscapes, romantic getaways and melancholic Fados... Surrounded for the most part by the Atlantic Ocean, it is impossible to resist a stroll along the Portuguese shore, with the rough waters of the northern coast and the calm sea of the south coast. Lisbon, located at the mouth of the Tagus River, is a magical city that you will love at first sight. To the south is the touristy Algarve. Other must-see places are the cities of Coimbra and Porto. Portugal extends beyond the peninsula, to the islands of Madeira, a spectacular location with beaches and cultural centers and a pleasant climate all year round.
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