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Apartments in Split – Budget Accommodation

The Dalmatian Coast is one of the most charming destinations in the whole of Europe and Split is one of the biggest reasons why. The second biggest city in Croatia is located in the south of the country and it has a historical legacy that dates back to Roman times which is also a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. Its old streets, excellent cuisine and the nearby Adriatic Islands make Split a city that you can’t miss. Rent apartments in Split and discover why the Dalmatian Coast is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Apartments in Split – Split Accommodation

What to do in Split

The Roman legacy of Split is its biggest attraction. Built around the Roman Diocletian Palace which today is a World Heritage Site and the main city attraction, Split has many ancient history points of interest such as the Peristylium, the Temple of Jupiter and the two original Egyptian sphinx, all of this inside the palace complex. After, have a nice stroll along the Riva, its seafront promenade, or soak some sun Bacvice beach. St Duje’s Cathedral dates from the 4th century and is also worth a visit, as is its bell tower, which you can go up to enjoy an amazing view of the whole of Split.

Split and the Croatian Islands

Split isn’t a big city and its most interesting part is located in the Old Town, where you can walk around its narrow and cobbled streets and see all the monuments. It’s almost a crime not to visit the Croatian Islands just off the coast of Split that you can get to easily and quickly with a ferry from the Port of Split. In Hvar, Vis, Korcula, or Brac, the beaches are like paradise, with turquoise waters and surrounded by green hills. The problem is choosing which one! Your cheap apartments in Split are the excellent starting point from which to visit them.

When to visit Split

It’s best to visit Split during the hot months, not just to enjoy the beaches but also because the city under the sun has a lot more charm and there’s a lot more going on, so if you have your holidays in Split between May and September, that’ll be the best time to come. The temperatures range from 70 to 90ºF and this makes Split a perfect summer destination, a city that enjoys more than 2800 hours of sun every year.

Transport in Split

You can get to Split by plane to its airport, which is 20 minutes from the city centre; by ferry from Italy or the islands or even by train from Zagreb. Its old town is best seen by foot due to how small the streets are although renting a bicycle is also recommended.

Split popular festivals

There are two events that are the highlight of Split’s cultural programme. One of them is the Summer Festival, which consists in performances of theatre, music, dance and opera. It takes place from mid-July to mid-August with the Diocletian Palace in the background, a festival that inflicts its magic upon the whole city. The other one is the Film Festival which takes place on the second week of September, presenting films from around the world of great importance and reputation.

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