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Turin Apartments

Turin is one of Italy’s most important cities, located in the region of Piedmont and neighbouring Milan, making it one of the most important industrial and economic hubs of the country. However, while overshadowed by other big Italian cities, Turin is experiencing a renaissance in popularity triggered by recent cultural and sporting events in the city, which is opening the eyes of travellers around the world and showing them its cultural side. Why not try something different and rent apartments in Turin to discover one of Italy’s most underrated cities.

What not to miss in Turin

The 2006 Winter Olympics revamped the whole city and put it back on the tourist map. However, it’s old constructions such as the Mole that stand out in Turin. The Mole Antonelliana was built as a synagogue in the 19th century and it’s the largest masonry construction in Europe. Its tower climbs above the city skyline and measures a whopping 548 feet. Outside the city, visit the Venaria Reale, a recently-restored Baroque Palace from the 17th century that is a World Heritage Site. The Piedmont region is famous for motorsports so a visit to the Museo dell’Automobile is a must for all petrol fans. Since Turin was the home of the Italian royal family, the Palazzo Madama is a worthy visit since it was the residence of the Queen of Italy, a building with a highly-impressive interior that mixes different artistic styles, from medieval to Baroque.

What to do outside Turin

If you’d like to venture further afield during your stay in cheap apartments in Turin, the city is a perfect starting point to do so. The Alps are nearby so you can go skiing there without having to travel far. You can also visit the beautiful Valley of Aosta or even the beautiful palaces and castles that populate the outskirts of the city, especially those that used to belong to the House of Savoy, such as the Palazzo Carignano and the Palazzo Reale.

Turin apartments – Turin Accommodation

When to visit Turin

Turin is a city that you can visit any time of year, unlike other Italian ones when it’s best to visit them in the hot months. If you come in spring or summer, you can visit the city under the sun but with temperatures that are not overbearing, which cannot be said of places like Rome or Florence. In winter, as mentioned above, use the city as your starting point for skiing in the Alps. If you come in autumn, why not indulge in the fervent local football culture and watch a match of either Juventus or Torino, the city’s two teams. With a bit of luck, you might even catch a derby!

Transport in Turin

Turin is a modern city and as such it is excellently connected with the outside world. All the main airline carriers arrive and depart Turin Airport. Trains are also a great method of transport to connect with other Italian cities or southern German ones, like Munich. In the city, use their efficient public transport system of buses and trams that will get you from A to B for a cheap price and quickly.

Festivals in Turin

You can witness some excellent events during your holidays in Turin. Summer is the main festival season, with event such as the Festival delle Colline Torinesi and the Jazz Festival. For modern music, the Traffic Torino Free Festival brings local and international artists of all genres, while the VIEWFest is a must for all modern technology and cinema fans.

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