Apartments in the region/area of Majorca

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Apartments in the region/area of Majorca

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Palma 1 Apartment

Apartments in Mallorca: Accommodations with style

Mallorca is the biggest island in the Balearic Archipelago, located in the Mediterranean. The language spoken is Majorcan, a mix of Catalan and Spanish. The climate is warm in summer and moderately cold in winter. Tourism is the motor of its economy receiving more than 13 million tourists per year; as a result it has excellent services and infrastructure. The landscapes are so remarkable that in 1968, the movie “The Magus” with Anthony Quinn, Candice Bergen and Michael Caine was filmed in Portals Vells Cove, which was named after the movie. Not only does Mallorca have 128 beaches but there are also important mountain regions and sporting activities specific to this landscape. Another of the most compelling aspects is the cuisine of the Balearic Islands, which includes the Mallorcan fry-up, greixonera (traditional clay pot) with tumbet and, for dessert, the ensaimada. When it comes to regional festivals, they are celebrated all year round. So don’t forget to rent one of our Mallorca apartments and let yourself get carried away.

Places to go in Mallorca

Rent one of our Mallorca apartments located close to all of these places so that you don’t waste time moving from one place to another and you can enjoy your holidays to the maximum.

Apartments in Mallorca – Mallorca Accommodation

How to get to Mallorca

The Palma de Mallorca airport is located 8 kilometers from the center of Palma. Line 1 Airport-Ciudad Puerto connects all of the touristic sites of Palma, the fee is € 3 and it leaves every 15 minutes. Line 21 takes you to Sa Arenal, it costs € 3 and leaves every 30 minutes.

The Ferries that travel from Barcelona to Palma de Mallorca are very comfortable, you can bring your car and they offer various types of tickets depending on the level of comfort you choose. The journey takes about 8 hours.

Mallorca Accommodation

You can find accommodation in Mallorca in a variety of unrivaled sites; we invite you to reserve your favorite option far enough in advance. We have incredible apartments decorated with the luxury you deserve. For younger people, we have studios decorated with modern décor. Our apartments in Mallorca are the best you can find in this natural paradise.

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