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Apartments in Odessa – Studios and Holiday Rentals

Odessa seems to have stepped straight out of a high-brow storybook, with its energetic charm and its unusual landscape. The Potemkin Steps float down towards the Black Sea, where beaches scurry with tourists and fun-loving locals. Nearby, Ukraine’s biggest commercial port looms out into the sea, casting a cosmopolitan ambiance over everything in sight. Further inland, pastel-coloured opulent buildings stand proud along leafy streets, whilst the reputation of the locals as fashionable, funny, and savvy, spreads out into the city’s architecture and cultural atmosphere. There are so many things to take in here, whether it’s the elegant architecture borne from years of immigrants making their wealth in Odessa, or whether it’s the beachfront promenade and the collection of trendy bars, cafes, and restaurants. Whichever part of the city you’re most excited to explore, make sure you book one of our apartments in Odessa for the ultimate local experience.

Arriving in Odessa and Getting Around

Getting to our Odessa apartments from the airport is easy thanks to a selection of public transport to choose from. Firstly, there’s a bus that travels to the city centre from the airport terminal. Buses leave every 30 minutes or so and the journey into town takes around an hour. There’s also a trolleybus that travels from the airport to the central railway station in Odessa. It’s slightly more expensive than the bus, but the journey only takes around half an hour to get into town.

If you’re in a hurry or would like to get dropped straight at your door, you can also hop in one of the many taxis that wait outside the airport. The journey takes around half an hour and offers some great scenes of Odessa as you come into the city. Remember to agree on a price before you start out on your journey, though.

A lot of people choose to hire a car from the airport, as it means they can travel into Odessa in their own time and stop in other smaller towns and villages along the way. There is loads to see in Odessa’s surrounding areas, too, and having a car means you aren’t tied to bus timetables or train times.

Once you’re in Odessa it’s easy to get around thanks to a collection of efficient bus routes that connect up the major attractions. You can also grab a taxi to get quickly from one place to the next.

An Age of History and Culture - Things to do in Odessa

Get to know Odessa by exploring some of its major attractions. Our collection of Odessa apartments can be found all over the city, so you are within easy reaching distance of many of the main sights.

Apartments in Odessa – Odessa Accommodation

Unique Ways to Explore the Culture and History of Odessa

Odessa boasts an incredibly rich culture and a fascinating history that spans back thousands of years, and there are plenty of ways you can learn more about the city and its past.

Start by visiting the Odessa Catacombs, the largest network of underground catacombs in the entire world. Spreading out over 2,500km, there is only a tiny portion that is open to the public. In this part you can explore the underground world of Odessa and learn more about how they started out as quarries in the 19th century and were used as hiding places during the Second World War. For an overview of the catacombs and their story, you can visit the Museum of Partisan Glory.

Local markets are a great way to get to know the lifestyle of a place, and Odessa is no different. The colourful markets in the city showcase stall after stall of pretty much everything you can imagine – homemade food, art, home ware, souvenirs, and even animals. Privoz is the most popular bazaar, which sells a range of seasonable produce, or there’s 7th Kilometer Bazaar, which is Europe’s largest outdoor market.

If you’re feeling peckish, you’re going to want to try some of Odessa’s local delicacies. There are a number of authentic restaurants around that serve up hearty kosher meals and delicious drinks like cherry kompot, a fruity drink in boiled water.

Odessa Accommodation

Odessa accommodation reflects the city’s rich culture, with plenty of grand hotels and stylish apartment blocks that tap into the modern personality of Odessa. Alternatively, there are a huge amount of intimate hostels and guesthouses for a more authentic, on-the-ground experience. From the seafront to the older parts of the city there is an area and a type of accommodation that’s perfect for your trip.

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